August 28, 2012


Lately I have been so busy it's driving me crazy.  My house is a wreck and that always makes me edgy.  If I can't find stuff because of clutter I find that stressful beyond stressful.  Recently I have been asked to produce my kid's immunization records and due to a new purse purchase things have been moved around and relocated and now the records that I ALWAYS carry with me are lost.  I'm sure I have put them in a very safe place that I can't recall at the moment, but I think I may have to call in a hypnotist or something to recall where I safely put them away.  Nesting and purging hasn't produced them yet.  Today I tackle the playroom/office.  Say an extra prayer for me will ya?

I'm battling sinusitis again.  One germ comes through this house and most of the family ends up getting the sniffles and they are done in a few days. But for me, it ends in week long headaches and sleeplessness.  The added stress of getting a son ready for college has also been taking it's toll.  Throw in an eagle court of honor, a brother with re-occurring cancer, the recent death of a friend, and sinusitis and you've got quite the stress cocktail there!

I've been grinding my teeth and dreaming weird dreams.  School couldn't have started at a better time for me. It was yesterday! Yet each day I look at my to-do list and think "well- what am I going to be able to do here because I sure can't conquer it all."  I'm looking forward to one golden day soon that comes up on the calendar where nothing has to be done.  Where I can just think up something I want to do and do it!  We really need a new couch downstairs and we are in a position to purchase one too.  Like that doesn't happen too often right? But we have no time to shop for one.  Now that is sad.  Do I have you all feeling sorry for me yet?

I need to remember all the things I am blessed with and change my tune here.  I am typing with a migraine right now though so that makes it hard.

I am grateful that Little Girl went off to Kindergarten without much more than a nervous hand squeeze.  Today was day #2 and usually I would be back on the black top with her waving good-byes but my headache prevented that.  She was golden though with her big sister guardian taking her to her place in line for me.  I am so lucky to have Big Girl as my assistant.  She made her sister breakfast and labelled her T-shirt that had to be sent in with Little Girl's name in the tag with a sharpie.  So capable!
4th Grader and Kindergarten Baby
Sweet Sisters

Glad that Middle Boy has stopped complaining about cross country.  The team started practicing a couple weeks ago and getting him to go has been a struggle.  That boy likes things to come easily for him and when life just isn't like that he turns his back on life.  It's hard to see him like that.  But he's getting stronger and even ran faster then a usually faster friend of his yesterday.  That put a proud smirk on his face.  Little successes in life are sometimes the sweetest.

Happy that Big Boy has been less contentious as of late.  He and I are still learning how to navigate rough waters together.  He hates to be nagged by me but when there is A, B, C, D, and E to get done someone has to tell him about it.  As I am learning to let go more though, he seems to be coming around on some stuff on his own.  Weird how that happened the other day with Winter shoes.  He was convinced that he only needed his vans for Winters in Rexburg.  Would not be convinced otherwise.  My whisperings I'd heard before of having the "faith to let him fail" kept coming back to me.  I stopped arguing with him and told him it was his choice and I meant it.  A few hours later he came to his Dad and said he'd be taking his hiking shoes with tread and weatherproofing with him.  Now I ask you?  Why did he have to go to his Father and not me?  That would have been a sweet moment for me.  Oh well, can't win them all.
Big Boy's not above falling asleep on car rides

Little Boy continues to be a delight.  I am suspicious of him turning on me at any minute but will just enjoy him until then.

Well that is more than enough rambling on the blog.  I will go and do what I need to do- in spite of how I feel today.  Because that is just what we mothers do right?  Hope you are all well out there in the blogosphere.


mCat said...

I had to laugh when you said about middle boy "suspicious of him turning on me".... oh the joys.

Hang in there friend!

Erica said...

Kelly I hope you feel well soon! Cute picture of the girls. So sorry about losing your friend, and your brothers cancer is back? Oh no. You're the best! Take care.

Shana said...

Thinking of you!