November 08, 2013

Hello Dusty Blog

Well I feel a sense of accomplishment today because I got all the Halloween stuff neatly folded and put in boxes under the stairs.  Patted myself on the back and ate a fun sized snickers is what I did about that!  I still need to balance the checkbook, pay the bills, make potato soup, buy soccer game snacks, and go visiting teaching but the kids come home in an hour so I'll need to pick one or two of those : ) We can have pancakes and I can always buy snacks on the way to the game right?  Curses I need to slice orange wedges... It'll have to happen before the game on Saturday I suppose.  This is the price you pay for having a girl on a winning team I suppose.  When she was on worse teams they never had an orange wedge requirement for half time.  Her team is in the running for 3rd place and she has made great strides this season.  My poor 10 year old is overbooked this year but managing like a champ.  I see a great future for her.

One thing I have noticed about Big Girl, when the girls in her grade are being less than "golden" i.e.: being boy crazy, dressing up for Halloween in slutty costumes, acting like they are all that, she doesn't let it ruffle her feathers.  She knows she is choosing the higher road and she isn't snotty about it, she just rolls with it.  I could see the jealousy and sadness in another girl's eyes as she felt left out at the Halloween party.  Big Girl just 'let it be'.  I'm not sure I was made of that kind of stuff at her age.  I had the hutspa (as a 44 yr old) to ask one of the popular girls dressed as a pink lady from Grease where her hickeys were.  She had the surprising response of "let's go and you can give me one!"  Yeah... not scheduling any play dates with her and Big Girl anytime soon.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I'm not altogether sure she knew what she was saying.  Let's hope not.

What else is there... It's a cold and rainy day here today so I've been wanting to curl up with a book but I don't have a good one right now that I am in to.  I've actually been reading a book to the girls called Ozma of Oz.  It's good!  I want to read ahead but then it won't be as fun when I read to them later.  I'll close with a disturbing fact for you.  I think I may have a bladder infection!  SCAREY


PS I am really out of practice in blogging.  I apologize for this sad sad excuse for a post : (  To make up for it here is a photo of my  Big Girl as Rainbow Dash and my Fox Halloween Costume with my Little Girl Rock Star by my side!
her make up took 20 min! too bad you can't see her awesome mane full of ribbon

not a coke addict- a fox nose!

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