October 23, 2013

Halloween Update

Hi there!
It's time I wrote.  We are gearing up for Halloween which is a favorite time of the year for me.  I am one of the only Mom's at the school who dresses up (can you believe that?!)  This year I was going to be a witch but changed my mind recently.  When you dress up as a witch people tend to joke around with you and ask "where's your costume?"  HA HA HA!  Speaking of ha has.  What is up with all the missionaries writing ha ha after every other sentence in their letters?  My missionary does it and so do lots of others I have been reading lately.  The 'funny' (ha ha) thing about it is that they use it in places where there is nothing funny whatsoever.  Like "we went to the fruit market and bought some bananas ha ha"  What's so funny about that?  And then there's the misuse of 'to' vs 'too' and the under capitalizing of the word i.  It's just lazy.  Sorry for my rant... where was i?  Just joking (ha ha).

Where was I?  Oh yes, my Halloween costume this year will be a dancer from the viral video "What Does the Fox Say?"  You know the dancing gals with white shirts and ties wearing fox ears.  I've been making a study of their dance moves for people in case they don't get who I am.  The costume is pretty much a litmus test for who is into pop culture.  One may just assume I'm a well dressed fox with crazy dance moves if they haven't seen the video.

Little Girl is excited to be a rock star (I admit that I pushed for an 80's rock star influence-it was a great time to be a rock star what with all those black rubber bracelets and big hair).  Big Girl was pretty sold on her costume when we purchased it in *cough cough* July.... don't judge me, I love Halloween and I needed an outlet for the pain I had when sending off my oldest for Brazil.  However, now she is less sold on her Rainbow Dash pony costume.  I'm sure once she sees the hair and make-up I have planned I can make a believer out of her.  I just can't let her obsession with all things Harry Potter turn her this year.  Next year she can be a great Hermione but this year I already have rainbow nail decals lined up!  The boys are not dressing up this year but I do have fake mustaches for them.  I can imagine that they will both enjoy pretending they actually grew the mustaches and didn't wear a costume at all.  I LOVE Halloween too much for words.

In other news my missionary son is growing up just a bit on his mission.  He actually loves getting up early and studying.... when I read that I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.  He is enjoying Jesus the Christ right now.  His letters have been pretty few on the details but he sounds happy and he is really encouraging us to do more missionary work.  Not just to our friends but like everyone we come in contact with.  He's caught the missionary spirit that's for sure.  I'm a very proud momma.  He got his visa (we think) and will most likely transfer from Washington state to Sao Paulo Brazil in November.
That will be a stressful day for me I think.

Middle Boy gave us a bit of a difficult day yesterday when he decided to just get in the car and drive away minutes before his piano lesson.  He says he was just 'going for gas' but I think I could actually see his nose growing as he spun that tale.  I understand his dislike for his piano lesson but we are under contract with the teacher for two more months and we aren't paying for nothing here.  We decided to prorate the amount of this missed lesson and charge my son for it.  I can hardly wait to see what kind of mood he will be in when that hits the fan.  Teenagers are hard.

Little Boy is loving high school and is very involved which is I think the key to loving high school.  The kid is in Key Club, Engineers Club, Music Honors Society, Cross Country, and something called Best Buddies.  Best Buddies is a cool club where kids interact with disabled kids their same age.

Some may think "nerdy kid" when they read those things, but I look at that and think "kid with great potential to improve the world!" As I type that list of activities I wonder how I made a kid like that?  This is new territory for us.  My older boys were much less into things than this one is.  I've come to understand that I probably should have pushed the older ones more when they were younger.  Moving around a lot and having less money didn't help much either.  Oh heck, why is it always parent's fault?  They are who they are and we have very little influence!  I'm going to to with that philosophy.  It just feels better.  Ha Ha (just kidding I know that isn't funny).

Girls just wanna have fun


HAwsumb said...

I'm surprised to read Little Boy and high school in the same sentence! Where has the time gone??

Kelly said...

That's a very good question Heather!

Tom said...

Great update. I know what you mean about people saying "ha ha" randomly, but at least it's not LOL.

CSIowa said...

I've decided to chalk up all my missionary's spelling errors to her limited computer time, which helps my sanity even if it isn't entirely true. I fix them for her before I post to the mission blog.