July 23, 2014

A Confusing Conversation With a Brazilian on FB

Hello Today I found his son in the transfer and talked with him
cool do you know where he is being transferred?
I think it was to not know right ribeirao saucer is much elder to me remember. kkkkkk But I guess he's in Ribeirao Pires. If I'm not mistaken he district leader
He is district leader. Did he meet his companion?
Mate it is a Brazilian I think also had a very Argentine then I'm confused but he was very excited because he would be transferred
thanks for the information
Nothing now will have to go to school. even more
good luck

Seen 6:01pm

Chat Conversation End

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Lia said...

Must have been the Google translator. We have had many confused Hispanics look at us strangely as we speak what pops up on google translator. Good times!