March 19, 2007

Little Tea Cup

So one of the benefits of living here is that there is this awesome gift shop that sells items imported from countries in the area, and the prices are cheap. It's like Pier One to the max and way lower in cost. Things are constantly changing here which makes it very necessary to check it often (much to Troy's dismay). They tempt you by putting up signs all over saying there has been a new shipment from Japan or Vietnam, etc.

So I frequently find these tea sets for A to play with for like 3 dollars or so. She breaks them constantly, and I say "that's too bad- put it in the trash and Mom will get you another one some day soon." It's a real lesson in instant gratification that I like to teach her.

Despite my bad parenting though, A has come up with an answer to the problem -tape! I am finding things like this lately, that just make me smile. She served T and me some tea in this very cup yesterday. I must say it tasted just the same. A bit more sticky perhaps though.


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