March 21, 2007

Mr Shin

Mr Shin is a security guard at our apartment complex (Hannam Village). It's a smaller community over here at Hannam than on the main military base (Yongsan). So we all get to know each other a bit more. We have nick names for all the guards based on the way they look, sound or act. And no, they really don't all look alike once you have been here a while. There is 'handsome one with the mole' or 'lots a lipstick woman with hairnet.' There's 'smiley bows a lot lady who has a crisp salute.' Then there is a man with a deep low voice who I like to call 'Count Dracula' because of the way he sounds when he says "good evening."

The one with the most personality and the best Korean accent when speaking English, is Mr Shin. He has picked up a few English phrases that will crack you up! One night on a Friday for instance, he said to me in his choppy harsh voice "TGIF!" He told Troy the other day to "Seize the day!" I loved it when Troy told me that as Mr Shin looked at his ID card when checking him in he told him "always you are handsome."(and I would agree I might add). We get such a kick out of him that the kids in the car will ask when we drive up "is it Mr Shin?"

I will really miss Mr Shin. Maybe he will pose for a photo with us before we leave.

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Mel said...

Hey! I got your email today and hopped over to see what's going on. I'm happy to read about Korea and see your cute family!