December 13, 2007

Family Photo

We had some nice family photos done this year for both a Christmas card and for ourselves. I really enjoyed the session where I got to pick them out. This is a trusted photographer I have used before. However when I picked up the final product I was horrified with the puffiness under my eyes. I asked if I had been touched up and she said no, that she had done the artistry herself and no touch ups were done to my face. It must have been the lighting. I paid her and took my large 16 by 20 home with me. I kept looking at it, and at myself in the rear view mirror. It's pretty sad when the rear view mirror is more flattering than a high priced photo. So I called her on it and emailed her with my complaint. Troy even noticed something looked weird with my eyes without any prompting from me. Luckily she has admitted her mistake and is redoing the print. Now I beg of you, dear readers, to look at the results and tell me what your opinion is. Maybe I am just bias because I know what I look like. But I think the natural contours of one's lower eyelid should be present. Let me know your thoughts. There is also a family shot with the untouched faces look. Think I should remove the hair from my face?


Julie said...

You make me smile. I'll have to be careful because NOTHING gets past you. Just scrolling down, I didn't notice any difference.....I just thought, "oops...she put up 2 of the same picture. My bad! Because then I went back up to look at the differences...sure enough...I could see. It looks like you got Botox....people pay thousands for that :) I think your Christmas letter (blog only version) is great! I didn't know you guys went to Japan. What a blast! You're so fun to check in on every now and then. What a great family and life!! You make everything wonderful.

Julie said...

Hey we got your Christmas card!! LOVE it! Your family discussion cracked me up! You guys are always so clever. I love how real life you are....isn't life just fun!! Have a very merry Christmas. I'm glad we're back in touch!

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie. You always make me feel so good!