December 20, 2007

Oh the Stress of Christmas

Well My husband lovingly said to me this morning that 'Christmas is about having happy kids, not a clean house.' This could be due to the fact that after cleaning furiously all day (not regular cleaning, but we-are-having-guests-soon cleaning) I got a bit testy when he and Big Boy walked in the door and they BOTH plopped their belongings on the floor for some super maid who lives here to take care of at her convenience. So I swooped down on my broomstick (I was in witch mode), picked up their things, and placed them in their hands while they were in the middle of something very important like reading comics, or was it a crossword puzzle? Now part of me feels guilt over this action, I mean yes, they were enjoying some good father-son time, and that is important. However, I think I have the right to feel bugged when people keep thwarting my housekeeping efforts. I constantly am quoting a line from Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure "I feel like I am unraveling a giant sweater that someone keeps on knitting, and knitting, AND KNITTING!"


Melinda said...

I like your Pee Wee Herman quote. I can certainly identify!

Pearcyfamilyfun said...

AMEN!!! I feel your stress!!! There is nothing like trying to have a tidy home when you have helpers making it untidy!!! If that isn't a word it should be!!! Because my kids and Husband have certainly mastered the art of "untidy"
Merry Christmas,

Julie said...

Hey.....I'm ticked off just reading this! :) Maybe it's because I just did the same thing to my poor family. Oh my!! good thing was it got them going. I like to follow the scripture to "reprove at times" I get to follow it up with an abundance of love. Enjoy the company and your family. You have a fantastic one! Keep being just plain wonderful!

Kelly said...

Julie, When I read that you were ticked off just reading my last entry, I thought 'oh no- she's mad because this basically is the same idea that she just blogged about with the lady stringing popcorn for her tree while the baby eats the other end. She's mad that I copied her' I think the feeling is basically universal among mothers.

Julie said...

OHHHHH NOOOO....I'm not mad :) Ha-Ha! Sorry about that. I guess if there's anyone who might be able to top the sarcasm's me! (and that's not being sarcastic) I just related too well with your day. You're is universal...I love finding the humor in things and enjoying every moment. I can tell you do the same. That scripture is the only thing that keeps me from feeling TOTALLY guilty when I get mad. I love it! Oh - yeah...and, I am such a copier myself...I'd never get mad if anyone copied anything of mine....because I probably copied it from someone else :)Love ya to bits!!

Tracy Purdy said...

Kel, just soak those toes of yours, say "to heck with it" (especially since we trashed your house way more than your family could) and pour yourself a big cup of wassail! You deserve it!
Love u guys!