December 26, 2007

Muscle Man II

Well each time we move we seem to misplace something important. Last move it was 'Lue Lanky' (a cherished green blanket made by my deceased mother. Before Evan had his colors straight he named it blue blanky. And before he could pronounce his b's it was named lue lanky- got it?). We never could replace lue lank, but when muscle man (a smalled stuffed dog that had been through about 6 years of adventures with Nathan) went missing I thought maybe he could be replaced this Christmas. After a lot of time on the internet and placing a 'want it now' add on ebay, some British woman heard my plea and sold me a new Russ floppy dog who's first name was apparently Milo. Here we see Nathan opening nesting boxes to get to his new friend. We were teary eyed at his reaction. It was priceless!

Merry Christmas


Julie said...

How precious!! Who would have thought?? That's so sad about loosing things. I have lost so many things by moving as well. Granted...sometimes...I'll find it the next time I move (because It was well hidden in a box somewhere)...but, most things are jsut long gone. How sad!

It sounds like you had a perfect Christmas. It's fun to check in on you guys. How long to the kids have off of school? Is your house bursting at the seams yet? What's the weather like? Well, have a fun New Year's celebration now...can you believe it will be 2008??

Kelly said...

We are out of school here until the 3rd of Jan, and yes we are bursting at the seams! Had some snow, but the kids are too busy indoors with their new heelys to want to go out and play. Do you all have soreness due to playing on your new Wii yet?

Julie said...

Heavens yes!! The soreness has kicked in. The other bad thing is that I am trying to get over boxing one gets me every time..I always end up with a coughing attack!! We are having a BLAST! I can only imagine the joy of having heelys in your house --hee-hee. These are great days aren't they.