May 09, 2008

Good Sportsman

Okay so this looks kinda bad, I know. But I just love this picture of Drew after winning the pine-wood derby last night. Really, he didn't rub it in anyone's face (although he won by a long shot in all 3 of his races). In fact (when prompted by mom) he told the 2nd place winner "good race." But this photo sure does show the way mom was feeling at the moment. It's shameful the way I get into it. Troy has all the skills and I am the wind beneath his wings I guess you could say. It really was a bit of an unfair advantage since Drew is our 3rd boy and most of these parents were there for the first or 2nd time. We are oldies in our ward. I had to smile when our 14 year old son's boy scout leader showed up with his wolf-aged son and their 1st car and asked "what's up with the weighing in? Does it have to be a certain weight or something?" (Oh my!) It was very sportsmanlike of me to explain the rules to him and offer the coins from my purse to make his son's car weigh the right amount. It wasn't very sportsmanlike of me to internally laugh at him since he is sometimes a bit of a jerk to my son at boy scouts. He is often less than informative with the parents so I found it very ironic when he complained about the lack of information coming home about the derby. I just nodded sympathetically and said "yes that is frustrating isn't it?"

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Julie said...

Congratulations!! I would feel the same way....although, I probably would have been rubbing it in everyone's face. See how good you guys are. I have to admit, however, that I am glad our kids weren't competing against you guys....holy cow....we would have been your laughing opportunity for a life time. I nick-named the pinewood derby "how to loose 132 different times" We usually had terrible cars and it was agonizing having to race them over and over in all the different heats....argh :)