May 12, 2008

Touched for Mother's Day

Well I never would have predicted this, but for mother's day this year my 3 sons (and Troy), pooled their cash together to get me an Ipod touch. This is all fine and dandy, but I don't think I really appreciate all the technical things it can do. I barely use the ipod I currently have (which has now been passed to Drew BTW, his died in the washer). Since they have had their paws all over it all day (even snatching it when I am not looking), I am beginning to see the light. I asked Troy if I could get him some home furnishings for father's day in another month... He thought that was pretty funny.

To their credit they also got me fine chocolates, and an audio book I had been wanting. Plus my sweet husband hand squeezed fresh OJ for me for breakfast. I feel so blessed to be a mother. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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Julie said...

I am sooooo jealous! One of my friends has one of those and I seriously have touch ipod envy right now!! You have such a fantastic family. I love your life! You are an amazing mom. You are a great example to me. I love how you find the humor in things. Keep being fabulous!