May 31, 2008


It is early in the morning here in Gaithersburg Maryland, and although I should be exhausted I have too much on the brain to sleep. Troy and I have spent the last two days searching for homes in the Maryland area. It's been an eye-opening experience to see the condition and asking price of some of these homes (cockroaches, knee-high grass, food sitting out, all for the bargain price of 550k come on down and buy!). Also the journey of choosing for me is difficult. Placing value on what you think is important and going against the natural man instinct to want the nicest possible looking home without spending too much money. I am someone who likes things to be nice. I care what things look like and enjoy surroundings that are tasteful and efficient. I am also craving a large outdoor space for the kids to play, since I like to remain sane. We saw a ton of stinkers in the last 2 days and it's depressing. The one home that is so nicely updated is simply too small for our needs though. We are deciding between digging deeper into our savings and not being able to pay cash for a car for Troy, or downsizing our housing expectations.... what to do, what to do. I want to be realistic, I want to have more cash on hand to play with, I want to seem unpretentious, but then there's that other side. The esthetic side, who wants the home from the magazine with the perfect yard where everyone must be happy who lives inside there. The real question here is where do you find happiness? In a home or from within. For me it's a bit of both I guess. But I do know, because my mama told me. That true happiness lies within. We'll see what walls we come up with to house all that happiness. I hope God will bless us. He always has.

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