October 16, 2009

Just Breathe

Have you ever been so busy it seems like there's no time to catch your breath? That is what life with 5 active kids and a busy husband has been like for me lately. I look at my super full calendar each night before I go to bed and just wonder how I am going to get everything done on the next day. I see things like soccer, early morning seminary, orthodontist, violin, cross country, brownies, meetings, babysitting, appointments, carpooling, volunteering, etc.... Miraculously it all seems to fall together every day. Even when the kids have to wait for me to pick them up after XC for twenty minutes on occasion.

Traffic seems to be a big issue in making me insane. When T's commitment is finished with the army (2.5 yrs from now), I am hoping he goes for a job at the unprestigious crap hospital down the street from us just for the 5 min commute. Wouldn't that be dreamy? We've already seen they are advertising for a neurologist. I think he could take it sight unseen just so we could have dinner together again regularly.

At night when T and I get 5-10 minutes to talk before we doze, we brainstorm for ideas on how to streamline the paperwork process at work for him. Can he bring a lap top home to do notes? Can he get down on his knees and beg for an assistant so they can stop paying a fellowship trained neuro-opthamologist to scan and send the x-rays and other tedious paperwork? Can he just walk away when the clock hits 5:00? Can he shift some of his temporary chief duties to someone else? They gave him that position because of the huge "sucker" sign he has plastered on his forehead I think.

The army, sadly, isn't about one of my favorite things (efficiency). But life goes on. And I keep reminding myself that even when it's nearly 8:00 and he hasn't walked through that door that at least he is not in harm's way and I will see him at some point. AND OH! The homecoming scene when he returns is nothing short of an LDS commercial. One can have a job that is shorter on hours but it doesn't much matter if he just comes home at watches the news for endless amounts of time. He is not one of these guys who comes home to engage himself with the internet, the remote control or the newspaper. When he got home late last night, he pulled a tooth out for Big Girl (who btw is absolutely thrilled to be finally losing her first tooth at 6.5 yrs she was just giddy!), he stressed out with me over falling grades for he in our home who will no be named (not Voldemort). He stood up for me with sassy teenagers, downloaded the videos off my flip camera, helped me balance the checkbook, and we went over things that will be important for him to know while I am out of town for 5 days (Utah here I come- oh mountains precious mountains take me away!), and then we watched 15 minutes of a cheesy movie that I rented- I am so canceling our Netflix. We have no time to update our que to get the good movies coming, let alone get around to watching the dang things. Yes, it's time to cut the fat. Prioritize and limit ourselves to doing just the good stuff. Like loving, serving, and oh yes- breathing.


noyb said...

missed you! loved your post, hope your trip to utah relaxes you beyond your wildest dreams.

Camrin said...

I have had a crazy week too! Sometimes I wonder if I bring it all on myself or if it is just life. Glad you have such a good husband to love and support you. Miss you guys!

Kelly said...

Thanks Noyb. Hope to see you at the wedding Camrin.

literaqueen said...

Cut the fat-- I like that concept.