October 30, 2009

Scary Feeling

I have had a nagging bloggy block this past week. I know that there is something I want to say, but thoughts elude me when I sit down to type. Also life is so crazy right now. How on earth did I do this alone for 6 months? I must have had angels on every side of me. Because with two parents home we are struggling to keep our heads above water most of the time. Yesterday I had a moment where I just snapped while looking for something in the pantry. That place had gotten so out of order it was disppppicable! (said like Sylvester the cat).

I started organizing and didn't stop until it was Martha Stewart ready. Then I had the kids test me later blindfolded pointing in the direction of whatever item they called out. Pedialyte? Right there! Baked beans? Down there! They were impressed to tears. (Well almost). Now if I could just work the same magic on my linen and coat closets that would really be something!

So with that one organized space behind me I think I have the strength to go on with the many tasks before me today. Frosting cupcakes, attending kid Halloween parties, making chilli, painting faces, helping at the ward party, and trying to ignore the fact that I am getting sick. Should be a blast. Even though it's way busy, I love Halloween so much! I am sitting here now trying to convince my 8th grade son to at least spike his hair before going to school. Maybe just a handle bar mustache to show enthusiasm for the hallowed day. He's a big 'no' on both ideas. But he did just perk up at the idea that it's a weekend and he can play Wii today. Sigh! Long gone are the days when I could dress him up as a teddy bear.

So this year our family costumes are as follows:

Baby Girl: a Korean Princess (I had the dress from when we lived there-she's gonna rock with a white face and chopsticks in her hair)

Big Girl: A fortune teller. She was sold on the idea when I told her she could pretend to read people's palms and tell them the end is near- she's got a dark side that one....

Little Boy: A mad scientist inspired by the Dr Horrible sing a long blog. Please check it out if you are unfamiliar- it's a classic! His father has agreed to go as Dr Horrible's nemeses Captain Hammer.

Middle Boy: Undecided (see above). He and a friend are doing "something" together....

Big Boy: Always a good sport when I come up with the right thing for him, this year he is being the actor from the iMac commercials. The cool young one, not the guy who is the PC. Easiest costume ever- blue hooded sweatshirt with light blue T-shirt under. We'll see if he covers up his red hair with the awesome black straight wig I bought him. I think it's essential. He argues otherwise. Surprised that I have a 15 year old who argues? Don't be.

Me: I am going as the Cat in the Hat, which I am tickled to tell you totally delights the daylights out of Baby Girl every time we talk about it. Please never grow up Baby Girl! I will keep dressing up for you forever...

Well now it's 15 minutes until show time when the busy day begins. Wish me luck my friends! Photos to follow!


Emily said...

Can't wait for the photos!!!

Hang in there, Kelly. And don't ignore that 'I'm getting sick' feeling too much. With cupcakes and chili on the docket, that's easier said than done, though. At least you'll be able to find, blindfolded, the meds you need? As long as they're in the pantry?

Kristina P. said...

I hope you post pictures of all the fun costumes!

Dallas said...

I can't wait for the pictures either! I am glad that I am not the only one in the family that loves dressing up and the Halloween season! Though it does get tiring. We have had a Halloween party or function almost every day this week!!! Ahhh now that is scary. Fun but exhausting! If you could only see how behind on my house I am. :)

ginger tea said...

If this is cold-related (ie sore throat, congestion, runny nose, fluish, etc.)

Keep from getting sick with this nasty home remedy:

1 C raw honey
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
10 cloves minced garlic

Mix all together and take one teaspoonful every hour or two with some good apple juice (just swallow as fast as you can). Make sure to have apples, carrots or celery on hand to kill the fire in your mouth afterward.

As bad as this sounds it TRULY works. You should feel some better in a few hours and much better in 24 hours.

I know your husband's a dr. and he (or you) may balk at this...just do me (and yourself) a favor and try it.

Hope you feel better soon!

PS You can thank Dr. Christopher of Springville, UT for the recipe. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Ginger. I'll give that a try and give you my report! Too bad I used all the garlic in the chili for the ward cook off tonight.

Tracy P. said...

K., we have #1 daughter being a "rama lama" style zombie, #2 is a giant chicken, #3 is a skunk, and mama, too late, decided she wanted to go as Homestar, but can't find a blue baseball cap...darn not having any boys!!!
Daddy is at an Infectious Disease conference...leave it to scientists to have a conference Halloween weekend...NERDS!!!!!

literaqueen said...

Post pictures of the Martha Stewart-quality pantry!