October 04, 2009

Why I Like These Guys

Aren't they the cutest? Well I think so. Tonight I was watching a movie where the main characters are in Paris and I swooned. Baby girl noticed my admiration of Paris and asked me where they were. I answered her that they were in a beautiful city called Paris and she asked if we could go there. I said we could. I hope she takes me up on it someday. My mind fast forwarded to our future where she and I could sit on a sidewalk cafe somewhere eating pan d`aux chocolate together.

Then yesterday Big Girl made the most beautiful marker drawing of flowers. She did the background just like a Monet painting. I swear! How could she know how much I love the impressionists? She couldn't I guess but I made such a big deal over her drawing that I notice she keeps slipping it under my nose for no apparent reason except she knows it makes me happy. If only she didn't make so many messes all over the house. Maybe it's the artist in her.

Tonight Little Boy had an afghan that he had slipped each of his fingers through and told me that his hands were claws that had once been made for good but that they had somehow turned evil. And I watched helplessly as they attacked him. This made watching conference on TV today so much more entertaining.

Some days motherhood is the best.


literaqueen said...

Such a cute picture of your girls!! When you go to Paris, can I come, too? I speak French, ya know.

Kelly said...

Je parle le fransias aussi

Kristina P. said...

Your girls are so cute!

Dallas said...

Your girls are so beautiful! What a great picture of both of them!

c a n d a c e said...

Beautiful girls!! I can't wait to have kiddos.
Love ya-

Bob and Julie said...

I definetly can picture the three of you in Paris!! :) What a great idea! Your girls are truly adorable. I love their sweetness! Love the conference entertainment too. We had a balloon fight during it...hmmmm. It was fun though and I definitely was the WINNER! Saweet!

(Fun "catching up" again!!)

Fresh Mommy said...

Life is never dull with kids!! What a fun life and beautiful children!!


Melissa said...

When you go to Paris I want to come! Paris is amazing, but paris with Kelly would be Awesome :o) Love ya!