November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009 in Photos

Her 'parade wave.'

His 'parade scowl'
What a poser!
Little Boy and his little scarecrow.
Big Girl and our Big scarecrow 'Joe' (real name used).
Big Girl is all about Peace (notice her pumpkin is the symbol for peace).
Baby Girl has been taking pointers from her sister on how to pose... I suppose. (ha!)
An asian princess, Cat in the Hat and a fortune teller!
A mad scientist (truly!)
His first potion of the night! (Water mixed with leftover grape juice).
Hey, he's a Mac!
Middle Boy as a skeleton in the hood. After wearing this mask for about one second he claimed an urgent need to go and brush his teeth before leaving home. That really made us laugh!
Middle Boy and his loot. That kid really loves candy!
Only one Twix! What a rip off.
Chowing down (and posing) before bedtime.


Shana said...

Cool photos

Eileen said...

Very nice. Your oldest is looking so grown up!

Kelly said...

Thanks! He is growing into a nice young man (most of the time).

CSIowa said...

Nice work! Love your Cat in the Hat make-up!

literaqueen said...

I love the Cat in the Hat make-up, too!