November 02, 2009

Field of Dreams

I am home from church today with a cough. AMC was running the movie Field of Dreams. What a great movie. I decided it was an uplifting spiritual movie and totally Sunday appropriate. l love that we lived in Iowa (and we've seen the actual field in Dyersville). I find the corn fields so beautiful. The sky in that movie is so inspiring! Big Iowa sky! I was so taken by the sky and not Kevin Costner that I noticed the inconsistency of the clouds when they cut from scene to scene. I miss that sky!

When I left to Utah for my sister's wedding and saw the mountains again I realized how I missed those too.

But they don't have the sky that is present in the midwest. They don't have the massive trees that exist here in Maryland either. When I returned to the east after my trip I was struck by all the fall colors that were only starting to change when I left. My gosh the trees are spectacular here! Poor Utahns and Iowans don't got nothing when it comes to the trees in fall out here. Sorry! I'm so glad to have lived in places where I have come to appreciate nature's beauty in all forms. Maybe if I blog about it you will come.....

And on that note I am going to take a nap.


Tracy P. said...

Is this heaven...It's Iowa.

True, true.

Natalie Daines said...

I hope you're feeling better, Kelly! You posted very pretty pictures! Makes me miss it a little, too!

literaqueen said...

I think I will always miss Iowa, even though the trees aren't as pretty as here. So let's see . . . West Virginia is almost heaven, Iowa IS heaven . . .?