November 21, 2009

My Morning

It's Saturday. About 8:15 am eastern time. I feel like I have already had a full day. Perhaps because Big Girl was up several times last night peeing nervously. Turns out what we thought was a UTI is really just stress related peeing. Didn't I just post about all the pressure she is under? I did! She is also under a lot of strain at home with 3 older brothers who no longer find her cute. They adore 2 year old Little Girl but 6 year olds don't hold the same charms of word mispronunciation. 6 year olds just get on their nerves, and dinner time is an eye-roll-fest each and every time. It would seem that my constant requests of "just be nice to you sister" fall on deaf ears. But now I have a pediatrician to back me up. "You guys have tortured her into a fake UTI! You should be ashamed of yourselves!" So things have been a bit better and I actually overheard Big Boy giving her bully advise in the playroom yesterday. He offered to come and put that pushy Taylor into her place the next time she tried to make Audrey be her paper-cat-maker for her.

So on with my morning (since that is the title of the post I better stick to it). At 6:00 am T and the Older boys had to rise and shine to head for a local food shelter for a Young Men's activity. They won't be back until 11:00 but the really important thing here is that they woke up Little Girl. No service to me -thanks. Little Girl has an odd obsession with wanting to be dressed from the moment she wakes up. I think she thinks the world will pass her by if she's not dressed for it. It even bugs her a little bit if she sees me lounging around in my PJs for too long in the morning. She also likes to lay out her clothes the night before like she sees her school-aged siblings doing. The problem here is that she has no sense of fashion or any idea what matches, but her opinions are strong none the less. And she also has a father who doesn't have the foresight at bedtime to see a problem with letting her lay out neon floral leggings a red heart T-shirt, jean overalls, AND a brown printed knit dress that she will at some future point (6:15 am today) want to wear all at the same time. T just smiled at me while zipping up his jacket and wished me luck with that. I must have used the words "they don't match" to her one too many times because at breakfast when I poured milk over her Life cereal she told me her spoon didn't match her bowl. Just her little way of getting back I guess. Instead of crying I laughed good and long at that, then got her a plastic spoon to match her plastic bowl and she was satisfied.

Now the kids are playing nicely at my feet with Legos miraculously not begging for TV and all is well. When there are 2 less of us (kid wise) in the house it seems like the eye of a tornado (which is calm and peaceful btw). Little Boy made me laugh pretty hard at these word play things he drew on his white board last night. Some of them are Little Boy originals. See if you can find his (clip on tie) and his older brother did the 'seven seas.' Just one more affirmation to myself that motherhood can be really great sometimes... Now it's off to the showers. OH my L-O-L... Baby Girl just asked me if I was going to take a "baby shower" no- not a baby shower, a big girl shower. I threw that baby shower a month ago!

look for I understand, high chair, banana split and skating on thin ice...


noyb said...

the 3 year old girl(4 in feb)in my house negotiates naked time. she HATES to get dressed and explains to me that she doesnt need clothes on because she "isnt cold anymore." now that she has gotten older the deal is she has to stay in her clothes until nap time, then she can get undressed to sleep. once she is dressed, she is a regular fashionista. she knows what matches and even picks out appropriate shoes. kids and their quirks. hilarious1

Kelly said...

That is too funny. I have an older boy who was somewhat like that. I still have a hard time getting him to wear warm clothing. In the middle of winter he wants a T-shirt and baggy shorts.

Eileen said...

I think our poor Abigail Rose is heading for a fake UTI! She also gets lots of eye-rolling. The big kids love to pull her chain, but in their defense, she kind of dangles the chain in front of them. And pulling her chain gets such dramatic, immediate effects.

She told me the other day that she has no power in the house. She demonstrated by asking Maya how old she was. Maya said, "four". Then she said, "How old am I Maya?" Maya said, "Ummm....about three."

Poor Abby. She and big girl should form a club.