December 09, 2009

Christmas Draft

(The following letter was not sent. It was a first attempt and when I went back to improve upon it I had lost it. Just found it tonight in my blog archives... Better late late then never I guess! Happy 2010)

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The big news for us this year was that T arrived home from Iraq in April 2009 after 6 months away. We have been so happy to be together as a complete family once again. I often remind myself when he is working late at night, that at least he is coming home. We grew in ways while he was away that could not have happened any other way, but we are glad it’s over. T says he has PTSD now, which in his case stands for pre-traumatic stress disorder. In other words, he never wants to have to deploy again. This makes it pretty easy for us to decide what to do when our commitment to the army is up in 2.5 years. We will be getting out of the military. So if you know of any job openings for a very nice neuro opthamologist, please let us know. While T was deployed, he worked out and ton and read books that he had always wanted to read. He now has big muscles and can quote from David Copperfield if you like. Perhaps we should put that on his resume.

Kelly: I am just doing the same Kelly things I do every year. This year I have added yoga to my list in order to remain calm and healthier as a busy mother of 5. I keep losing and gaining the same 4.5 lbs…. so rewarding!

Big Boy: is a sophomore at S______ high school and will soon be driving so that is really really scary for us all. We’d say come and visit us in DC but perhaps you should wait until he is a bit more experienced on the roads. Big Boy is still playing violin and running XC for his high school. He is a very nice young man. Big Boy got braces this year, after all this expense we think we will keep him. We love Big Boy.

Middle Boy: is 13. He is very cool. He has good friends. He smells great! He likes to skateboard and play lacrosse. He is good at predicting the weather, poking his brother during dinnertime, and rolling his eyes at most everything his sister says. He is learning Spanish. He hates walking the dog. However, we love him and will keep him too.

Little Boy: is'D____" at home but "A______" at school. We cannot explain this. He has some serious orthodontic work ahead. His skills include being funny with Big Boy, playing violin, doting on his baby sister and trying (usually unsuccessfully), to get the dog to obey his commands. He is a smarty-pants and it’s not bragging if you can back it up so just call his teacher if you don’t believe me. Little Boy also plays baseball, soccer and lacrosse. His mom makes him. We love our feisty red-headed #3 son!

Big GIrl: Feels things- deeply. She is our first girl so we are still learning how to deal with this. Sometimes we fail. Big Girl is adorable (see photo-not bragging). She likes doing things for people. She is starting to wear shirts that are bedazzled. Her mom finds this a little disturbing. She loves her family and is especially glad to have her Daddy home this year. She is a girl-scout and sells a mean tasting thin mint! Big Girl has a testimony. Big Girl is a crafty artist. We love her a big bunch! She wants me to add that she would like a Barbie styling head for Christmas. Pass it along!

Baby Girl. It’s a good thing Baby Girl is our last child because this letter is already too long and I hate to change font sizes. Baby Girl is a real entertainer. Everything she says is funny because she can’t say things well yet. She is a heart melter and a temper tantrum all rolled into one. She likes to be on the go. She will try most any food if you ignore her long enough- but try and convince her to eat and you are in for a long fight people. She is now potty trained and we are all very proud of that. She is an independent cutie and we are glad she found her way to our home. We adore her.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to one and all! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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