December 23, 2009

A Quiet Storm

Dear Snow,
You were so welcomed on my street last Saturday. All 22 inches of you. Yes. I had 4 things on the calendar for the day. What I was wishing for was some quiet time at home with my family. Thanks to you, everything was cancelled and that's exactly what I got! Time to enjoy each other and slow things down without any hassles of the season beating down my door. So, thanks! Thanks for coming! And thanks for not taking the power out like during the big storm of '03. That was the year I brought my 2-day-old new baby girl home right as your flurries were just beginning. We were without power or plowing for several days. No heat with a newborn was not pleasant. Thanks to a good fireplace we survived just fine though.

Thanks for coming during a winter (and a weekend) when T was home to shovel, and shovel and shovel. Seriously- lots of shoveling! So glad we could enjoy the snow together, shoveling, making snow angels, sledding, etc. We then enjoyed a pay-per-view movie and hot cocoa. Well- enjoyed may be stating it a bit to strongly. It was the Pink Panther 2 and that was not the best movie, but the teenagers enjoyed it I guess. And when the teens are happy, the entire house is happier.

I hear you are coming back for a repeat performance on Chirstmas day. I will remember to get the milk and then you can come again any time! Now if I could just find a private place to start on the wrapping since the kids have been home from school for 3 days. I may have to set up shop in the garage.
Take care,


Kristina P. said...

I really dislike driving in the snow.

Merry Christmas, Kelly!

Kelly said...

Thanks Kristina! Hope you have a great holiday too!

jenfrommaine said...

Wasn't the snow great! We had a blast playing and sledding and driving in it too. We had to drive to the sliding hill. Art carted us around as he wouldn't let me drive in it myself. I LOVED that everything was cancelled too! They did have to go back to school today though. Good luck with the wrapping! Merry Christmas to you all!

Emily said...

Hooray! You were deserving of that 22-inch blessing.

Hope you had a terrific Christmas!

Kelly said...

I totally did have a great Christmas break!

literaqueen said...

We didn't get THAT much snow, but I loved what we got-- and I loved getting to stay home. Yay!