December 30, 2009

Post-it notes from Santa

Well we had a lovely Christmas and I must report that I believe I successfully pulled of the goal of not overdoing it this Christmas. We kept warning the older kids not to expect much. I think Middle Boy was especially worried when he saw me stashing a bag away and I told him not to look, but he caught a glimpse of post-it notes and started to worry that by 'practical Christmas' we meant no toys at all. Visions of office supplies did not really dance in his head. So he was extra happy with his dart gun. And it is one large dart gun! He has been tormenting us with it since about 7:45am on the 25th of December.

I would give a run down of what everyone else got but I will save it for later. Pictures mean a thousand times more than my words do anyways. Especially when one spends nearly a thousand on a new Nikkon D90 for oneself for Christmas 2009-2015. Those photos in my last post were taken with that snazzy camera and I gotta say the snowflakes showed up amazingly well! They better, gosh dangit! Now I just have to figure how to make them nice and big for the blog. I think that is only for professionals though. My title alone sets me off as no professional. Still- expect better photos.

Next up we are planning a little vacation away from the cold. Someone recommended this place while we stay in Orlando....

It's called Gatorland and doesn't that little girl look like she is having the time of her life? I would be content to keep reliving my childhood by going to the Magic Kingdom over and over every 3-4 years with our kids, but when you have a 15 year old boy feeding live chickens to gators sounds more appealing. Poor Little and Baby Girls will have to suffer and have therapy over it one day I am certain. Also, T grew up camping (only) for vacations so he sees no real value in Disney. Once you have gone you have no need to go back ever again according to him. Whatever! I still get misty every time I see that blue castle up close and in real life. Of coarse that is especially when I have just had a baby and am really hormonal. TMI?

Wish me luck in Gatorland. I am sure to tell a gushinglly good tale when I return that will bring non-hormonal tears to one and all. Happy New Year!

(that ain't no post-it note)


Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

A dart gun?!? Lucky. I just got a 24 pack of energy drinks.

Does that Gator mouth open and close like a miniature golf course hole?


Eileen said...

Lyle went to Gatorland way back when we were in dental school and he had a convention of some sort there. He brought Adam back a T-shirt.

Do you love your new camera? I expect to see great things!

Bee and Rose said...

My son would flip out over that dart gun! Wowza!!

Gatorland looks very cool!

I want your camera!!!!!!!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year filled with an abundance of joyful times and love!

Emily said...

No, that ain't no post-it note. And the darts probably stick better, too!

Tracy P. said...

Holy cow, what is that thing???!!!!
He HAS to bring it next time you come!!!

literaqueen said...

That is a SERIOUS dart gun! Wow! I want to use it.

I also want to go to Gatorland. I hope you video the magic moments of gator nourishing. Ah, memories . . .