April 24, 2010

On The Sidelines

When you bring two young girls to a lacrosse game there's a lot going on besides watching your son play. So, after the game when he runs up and says "Mom! Did you see me assist in that goal?" You have to just smile and say "yeah- tell me more about it."

But you will be fibbing, because this is what you were really paying attention to:

"How are you today sir? Very well I thank you!
Run away, run away"

(Pseudo) talking on the phone to Grandma.

Check that out...........T is going bald on top!!!

Give me 5,

on the side,

cut the cake,


"Did you drop your gum sweetie?"

"That's okay, just blow on it some- 10 second rule!"

Yummy -Trident with a hint of grass.


Kristina P. said...

Your kids are so adorable!

Kelly said...

Thanks KP!

Carrie Stuart said...

Good times! What's the temp like there? I imagine it being barely warm with a light breeze in those photos...but of course, that's how I imagine it here when I'm in my house with A/C, looking out my windows...until I step outside and am assaulted by reality. =^)

Kelly said...

It was a lovely day in the 70's with a light breeze. Other games have been in the morning and they are b it chilly. Sorry to hear bout your weather. Is it monsoon season there?

CSIowa said...

As entrancing as T's bald spot is, right there in the center of the frame, check out Big Girl's form! Is she a gymnast? Diver? She's got some serious focus and control going on for her!

Amy said...

My husband does the same thing....launch kids high in the air. My mother use to hate it when they were young when he did this. They loved it!