April 03, 2010

On To Other Things...

Time for me to write/vent another post. It just seems that I should move along from the sad black eye thing. There's got to be more to say then 'my kids fought.' The sad lack of comments makes me think I made you all uncomfortable, or maybe it just doesn't strike a chord with many readers. Do you all just have perfect lives and are clucking your tongues at me? Let me just quote the Wicked Witch from Oz by saying "just you wait my pretty!" Time has a way of giving all of us heart heavy experiences. Maybe you all know this already but just don't put it out there for all to see. Pardon my honesty in blogging openly about them I guess.... Life also has a way of getting around to the good stuff in turn as well. So I am being patient. And hopeful.

On to other things. I think I need to make more lists. List making helps me get things done. I made a list today and here's what got done. I balanced the checkbook, paid bills, worked on scout stuff with Little Boy (we did almost two activity pins in his webelos book- for those who don't know, that is a lot), made plans to visit Mt Vernon on Monday, reserved a couple spots for my girls to do an easter egg hunt at a local nursery, and went to the movies with the kids and a friend and her kids. It was nice. Okay I will admit that I did not shower until noon, but I can be productive in my scrubs. If anyone came to the door I could always pretend I was a nurse getting home from her night shift job.

Here is the stuff I had thought about possibly getting to today, that I didn't do, but still listed: Go to the art museum with Big Girl, go to Brookside Gardens, hang a photo collage that I have been re-framing, pay the kids their allowance, take in Middle Boy's ipod for repair, find my dental instruments and fish out the irritant under Big Boy's papillae that has been there for 3 days, call about bogus Verizon bill, call Montomery Hospital about another bogus bill, color easter eggs, make a strawberry pie, invite someone over to eat it with us.

None of it got done, but as Scarlet says (and I love to quote her), "tomorrow is another day!"


noyb said...

please dont feel that way! i went to comment about my own black eye, but it was such a long story and i felt that it sucked up too much of your comment space. i am going to try and give you the readers digest version: i was about 12 or 13 and one sunday afternoon my brother and i were fighting and wrestling around. we ended up in the hallway near my parents bedroom where my dad was taking a nap. as we were fighting, we fell into the bedroom door which startled my father awake and he came out swinging. caught me right in the eye. this is where the details are tedious, but important: i did NOT grow up in an abusive household, but my father did. he had never hit any of us kids, not even spanking(considered a-ok discipline back in the day). both of my parents were loving and we had a happy(not perfect)household. the reason my dad came out swinging is that his mother would wake up up in the middle of the night hitting him, so being startled awake like that was like a flashback. i sported that shiner for over a week. when people would ask how i got it i would say, "my brother and i were wrestling and i got hit.". the truth, but definitely not the whole story. my mother was livid despite her full understanding of my fathers childhood and my father tearfully apologized to me. it was the first and last time he ever raised a hand to me.
anyway-sorry this is so long. this kind of stuff happens in the best of families. happy families even. good for you for not sweeping it under the carpet.
sorry that you felt isolated in this matter-you really arent alone and it will be ok. but i think you know that. :)

c a n d a c e said...

Wow, you got a lot done!! Aunt Kelly, I think you're great and a semi-Whatcott family wouldn't be complete without a little fighting ;) I love reading your posts.

Tracy P. said...

Girl, your to-do list makes me tired. You got SOOOOO much done, and as you said, tomorrow is another day. I managed to get all three of my girls to pickout modest, afforadble swim suits this morning, so I'm calling it a day!!!!!

Natalie Daines said...

"Tomorrow is another day" keeps me sane.

Strawberry pie sounds delicious right now!

There's a VA in Denver! Closer to me atleast!

Kacy said...

I know what you mean. I always blog about my kids when they are bad or quirky and then people think I don't like them and I'm not a good mom. For me it's just to personal to talk about how much I love them on my blog.