April 29, 2010

Tough as nails

It's time to put my kids to bed right now, but they are actually playing nicely and I just can't seem to break up the party. It's so refreshing! Big Girl is totally on a roll winning over her older brothers lately. Ever since we got her her own lacrosse stick and told her she was tough as nails she's been hanging with the big boys and they are all about teaching her their tricks. Baby Girl has always been the golden child adored by one and all so it's nice to see Big Girl Get a piece of the pie.

With the older two kids at Young Mens tonight, it changes the dynamics a bit, and Little Boy has no one to act cool for. He can just be his silly self and play with his sisters. No judgement. Gotta love it. I just called down to him and asked if he was actually enjoying himself and having fun with Big Girl and he said "YES!" I am sure she was beaming. They just ran out of ideas and said "Okay, let's wrestle!" So I am predicting a crying fit any minute. We'll see. Now they've moved on to a game called steam roller.... Use your imagination I guess.

Lately I have been reading Charlotte's Web to Big Girl. In times past when I have introduced it to her she wasn't ready and my heart would break a little when she'd ask me to stop reading please. She is SO ready now that she begs me to read it to her all the time and even reads it herself which is nice. So it showed some serious unselfishness on her part when she gave me permission to read Little Boy's book at bedtime Fablehaven. It's a new book sent from Grandma that has been snatched up by Middle Boy before Little Boy could have a chance. He confided to me tonight that he's frustrated that he can't catch up to where his brother has read to. Why do boys have such a competitive nature? So I am off to catch him up by reading aloud to him.

In other news when I finished dinner tonight I thought I would treat myself to a pastry purchased by a friend for T and I for our anniversary. She wanted to show her remorse for forgetting to be there to watch Baby Girl and going to the gym instead. I'll take that kind of apology any time! To my shock and dismay I see that someone has had the nerve to sample some while I was away at LAX practice with Middle Boy. It really chaps my hide I tell ya! Probably for the best though since I am trying to eat better.

Please enjoy these photos of our tough as nails Big Girl. They really crack me up!

My guess is you really don't want to meet up with her in a dark alley right?


Cheeseboy said...

Charlotte's Web is such a girl book. My son has no interest in it whatsoever. He even hated the movie, I think.

Sounds like a very nice evening.

noyb said...

a mom can just sense when the fun is going to turn to pain. as an aunt,i try to head them off at the pass, but they have to run that train off the tracks almost every time. who was that comedian who would say "its all fun and games until someone loses an eye!"

Connie said...

The dynamics change when the older kids are gone! Love the tough as nails pictures. She's a cutie.

Too bad someone had to sample your pastry! I know I'd have a hard time resisting!

Carrie Stuart said...

LOL! Once when I was P. Pres, I was substituting in my son's 5 yo class (he's almost 18 now). The topic of not taking the Lord's name in vain came up. One of the girls in the class (my good friend's daughter) said, "Oh, MY mom said that once! She was SO mad at my dad and yelled so loud, I thought the whole house was going to fall in!"

Of course I had to tease my friend about it and get the story. Her husband's crime? Stealing her piece of cheesecake!

Glad you took the higher road and just left it at irritation. LOL!

Eileen said...

She's so cute. In a mean, tough, intimidating way, of course!

Tracy P. said...

LOVED Fablehaven! All 5 of them!!!!

Jess, Andrew and Family said...

Love the pictures! I hope Afton is tough after being raised with her two brothers!

The Katzbox said...

Your big girl is adorable. I love the names you give them. We have "the boy" and "the girl". Each of my four children each "the boy" and "the girl". My youngest daughter is now expecting a third, so we're finally faced with another girl. I have no idea what to call the newest. She may end up being "the baby" for the next 20 years.

Let me know what you think of Fablehaven. I have seen them in the bookstore and wondered if I would like them. I'm a Potter-head, therefore not opposed to young adult fiction...unless it's non-fiction...then I have a whole other world to figure out....

I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. :)