September 19, 2010

Virginia Beach

Just before summer ended we took our regular Virginia Beach trip.  We usually hit this spot over spring break and the water is just too cold and the weather unpredictable.  But this time, in late August it was so great.  We usually hit Williamsburg and Busche Gardens.  But not this year.  This year we just enjoyed the beach day after lovely day.  I love the beach because everyone in the family has a great time.  The boys play in the waves while the girls make sand castles and collect shells.  I read a book and T flies a kite.  We all enjoy the beach.  We decided to not feel overly gross about the last day when they were telling us to get out of the water due to the city issuing a high bacteria level in the water.  We just showered twice when returning home that night.  One of the pools at our hotel had a similar bacterial level but we won't go there either.  I just hope the brave lady in the pool trying to scoop it out with a plastic grocery bag took a shower or a bleach bath when she returned home that evening.

Anyways many good memories were made.  It was made even more clear to me this evening when I read the following essay by Middle Boy.  His english assignment was to write an essay that showed imagery and sensory.  I think he did justice to both.  And I glad that before we left we booked another week for the following August 2011.  T, who usually has to have his arm slightly twisted to go on vacations was all for it.  Yup... We love the beach.  Now here is Middle Boy's essay:

Virginia Beach

As I walked on the boardwalk to get to the beach, my sandals slapped against the old dry wood that was built by U.S. soldiers in 1997.  The wind hit me and I smelled the sea salt.  I knew I was close to the mighty ocean.  Finally after what felt like forever, I felt the crunch of sand under my sandals.  I looked down and saw the bright yellow sand.  I threw off my sandals and ran wild in the sand that was warm and heated my feet until I couldn't bear it anymore and had to move.  Finally I made my way over to the massive body of water.  I ran along the shoreline, every now and then the ocean would grab my feet with it's cold waters.   Overhead the seagulls would fight against the wind and let out chirps of encouragement to each other.  Then I would go out to my shoulders in the icy water and body board back to shore.  When I was finally done body boarding I would come back to the warm sand and let the strong winds dry me.  Then my parents dragged me reluctantly back to the boardwalk and with sand in my pants I walked home for the day.  I love Virginia Beach.
Before the sand throwing...
What the?!
Storms off disgusted...

She loves the beach!


Jess, Andrew and Family said...

I love the beach too...but I'm partial because I grew up by one! My favorite thing about it the sand. I love warm sand. Glad you guys had fun- and it looks like you had the beach all to yourselves! I was cracking up over the sand throwing scene.

Kelly said...

We were on a military beach that is only open to the people staying at the military owned facility nearby. Also that day was a bit colder and we were there way early. More folks showed up when the sun came out.

noyb said...

i love the beach too. the ocean, a lake, i dont care. love water and sand.
love the essay-he did great. i also love all the pictures-looks like you must have had sunblock 5 million on your redheads-i dont see even the slightest sign of sunburn. :)

Shana said...

I love the beach as well.
Great photos! And what a great essay!

Dawn Smith (Bee and Rose) said...

Kelly...your photos are absolutely beautiful! What I would give for a day at the beach with the family!

Your son's essay was wonderful! I could really picture it just the way he wrote it!

(love your photo captions!)