December 13, 2010

Spoiler Alert! If you are on our Christmas card list don't read....Unless you are the type who peeks into closets finding out what you get for Christmas early each year. Then you can go ahead : )

Here is our 2010 Christmas card letter.  It may have lost something in translation due to the formate and name changes I have made for use on the blog.  It may be a bit too long for those who don't really know my family.  It may be great writing or it may be a lame attempt.  But what you should know is that we usually take the writing of the Christmas letter pretty seriously around here.  This year we have a newspaper theme and it's the first repeat idea we've recycled in about 10 years of writing this stupid thing.  Do I sound bitter?  Well that is because it hasn't been mailed yet and I am in the throws of finding addresses, folding paper, getting stamps, wondering why we have 89 people on our list, etc...  I will be much better in a couple days.  Happy Holidays!

(Our Last Name) Times
December 2010

Little Girls’s Beat
Little Girl is on the case, with reporting skills like no other 3 yr old we know.  Her powers of observation know no limits.  Some may call it ‘tattling’ but that is just their bitterness talking.  Freedom of the press reigns supreme in this household.  In other Little Girl news, she reports that she is enjoying being “home schooled” by her Mother and is at the head of her preschool class.  Maybe next year Kelly will be able to cut the apron strings and send her last chick off to school.  Even though she is the youngest in the nest she rules the roost! 
Ask Big Girl
Big Girl is so thoughtful and she loves giving advice.  Just ask! She will solve any problem you readers have.  She is also our talented staff artist and now has a claim to fame with a fist full of ribbons, and $16.00 in prize money from our local fair this year.  Who cares if the dusty, un-mastered two-wheeled bike still taunts her from the garage.  She’s a friend to one and all.  Her other activities include piano, girl scouts,  and pretending she is a teacher to her many stuffed animals. We adore our Big Girl.
Little Boy About Town
SMMSS (single male middle school student) has recently discovered girls and is not ashamed.  He likes hot chocolate with whip cream, digging holes on the beach at sunset, and trying out new dance moves.  Anyone interested may find him in the middle school cafeteria each day at noon with a white carnation in his teeth and a peanut butter sandwich he’s willing to split with you in his sack lunch (peanut-allergic females need not reply).  In his spare time, he can be found practicing violin or running cross-country.  His parents are not trying to get rid of him any time soon.
Middle Boy For Hire
Whatever you need, Middle Boy’s your man.  He’s more than just your average handyman.  His handy texting skills are unmatched!!  He works hard at almost everything he does.  He also finds great pleasure in relaxing. Middle Boy’s baking is impressive and he is officially in charge of making our staff’s Sunday afternoon treats.  Middle Boy plays piano and lacrosse.  He does a good Justin Bieber impression for your next BGP (boy-girl party).  However, you’d have to pay him a million dollars first.  Hire him now, he needs the money for a new cell phone.
Big Boy News
Big Boy is growing by leaps and bounds and the only thing going faster around here is the food from the fridge.  His parents can’t understand where that cute little frog-loving boy went.  He has turned into a handsome prince who runs cross-country and plays violin beautifully.  He has been known to shave, drive and even date (usually in that order).  He will be leaving the nest in a few short years and we will all be crying into our pillows every night when that happens.
T and Kelly
These two have successfully completed another year of parenting together.  T ran a marathon in Baltimore.  Kelly watched him run a marathon in Baltimore.  Both felt very satisfied, but only one still has all her toenails in tact.  They are happy to still be together running in the marathon of life, and trying to pace themselves for the long haul! 

We hope this letter finds you well and happy.  Thank you for your friendship and love.  Please feel free to check in with us if you are ever in the DC area.  We love visitors!  Please visit our family website:
*All facts were accurate at the time this edition went to print. To renew your subscription to the Times please keep in touch!


Shana said...

That is really cool !!!
I will try not to be disappointed when I get my Christmas card in the mail. ha

Connie said...

I LOVE Christmas letters with themes! You have such a fun way of writing too. Glad all your toenails are intact!
Have a fabulous week!

Kelly said...

Thanks Connie,
Coming from you that means something!

Kelly said...

Send me your address and I will get one off to you asap

Eileen said...

I always love your Christmas letters. You've inspired me to start mine. I also love your picture. Next year we'll cough up the big bucks and actually have a professional. Goodness knows we need someone with lots of experience in the photoshopping realm.

Tom said...

That is how you should do Christmas cards! I haven't sent cards out in 6 years and have been feeling like a slacker so I was just going to do a post for Christmas this year. You have a good looking family.

Kristina P. said...

What a great picture!

Love the letter.

Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

Kelly! This is amazing! So fun to read! Your family photo is just beautiful! You have inspired me to get our family portrait done:)

Kelly said...

Ah thanks! I am encouraged by all your nice comments. And here I was thinking the letter was just okay and my neck looked fat in that turtle neck.

noyb said...

awesome picture and i think that was a cute idea for a Christmas letter. good work.

HAwsumb said...

Wait, little boy is old enough to be into girls? That's just crazy. Loved the newspaper format and family pic. :)

M-Cat said...

This is just dang cute!

I wish I could be creative and do something fun for Christmas cards. Maybe New Year's letter.

Yeah....I can pretty much figure out how that will go

Emily said...

I love the letter and your picture. You can't go wrong taking a family picture on a bridge :) Plus, your picture is actually in focus. I can't say the same for ours!

p.s Where did you get your girls' dresses?

Kelly said...

My littlest girl's dress is from the GAP (a recent purchase). Big Girl's grey sweater came from Old Navy and her plaid tights are from Hanna Anderson. Her black ruffly skirt is an old one and I think it is also from the GAP. I bought the hats and scarf at the last moment just because it was going to be cold and I felt we needed more color. They were overly priced at Lord and Taylor department store.

Teachinfourth said...

Your family photo is great! I already read over the stuff, but I don't think I made 'the list' so I'm probably safe on this one…

Kelly said...

I am so glad you like my photo. That means a lot coming from such a talented photographer!