December 28, 2010


I am currently enjoying a break with T home for the holidays.  He goes back tomorrow and then I will officially start my Christmas Mourn.  Today we decided to brave the wintery winds and go see a movie.  I cannot recommend Tron I am afraid.  I was warned too.  I heard one reviewer on the radio who claimed to have a brain tumor caused by watching that movie.  Seemed a bit severe I thought,  and then I saw it.  I now see his point.  I told our friends who recommended the movie choice that I sure liked the ending.  That was code for "I was sure glad when it was over!"  So do yourself a favor and skip that movie.

Before our Tron experience we tried out our the brand new Five Guys that opened up in our fair city a couple weeks ago.  We were standing there waiting to order and looked behind us to find two Mormon missionaries.  We can spot them you see, because we are also LDS. (Latter Day Saints).  I said hello to them.  They had been figuring us out too I think.  A family of 7 you don't see often around these parts, and if you do they are either Mormon or Catholic.  Looking back I wish we had bought their lunch for them.  I wasn't thinking.  I know they are on a budget while they serve their missions.

Tragedy hit when I made a discovery at the movies.  Just as we were getting out of the car I looked around and found that my purse was missing.  I had left it at the hamburger place.  I was just about to return to Five Guys when my cell phone rang.  It was a friend who was dropping off a gift at my home.  She and I see each other 2-3 times weekly but couldn't seem to ever remember to exchange our neighborly gift.  We'd meant to do it several times and it had begun to be a bit of a joke.  Now here she was at my door and what just happened to be right on the way home from my house to hers?  You guessed it, Five Guys!  So she graciously agreed to go and check on my purse.  I sat there at the movies looking out at the freezing geese on the pond hoping that humanity would be on my side and that some honest person out there would turn in my purse preventing a huge headache for me.  Luckily someone did the right thing (I think, I haven't looked in the purse yet) and they turned in my purse for me.  I am grateful!  And now this gives me a perfect reason for gift giving (two days after Christmas) to my purse rescuing friend.  I think I should throw in a little something extra.


Teachinfourth said...

Rock on about the purse…and you're spot on about Tron…I wanted to gouge my eyes out. The ending was awesome...

Kelly said...

About that ending. I kept thinking "is the girl real?, where did she get the black leather jacket? Will they be able to have children or is she a robot?"

When I shared this with the couple who went with us the husband said "all I was thinking was that she was good looking and they are going fast on a motorcycle!"

Men and women don't think alike do they?

Jack, Merry & T-Man said...

Thanks for the heads up about Tron, but I am sure I will still have to see it on DVD someday.
I saw the missionaries at 7-11 once and bought them Slurpees. It was a cheap way for me to feel generous!