January 02, 2008

Christmas follow up

Santa gave the boys itunes music gift cards for their ipods. It took some time for them to figure out what they were. "Did we get our own credit cards Mom?!" Note the sun is not quite in the sky yet outside. I just read my niece's blog where she says they had to wake their kids at 8:00am to start Christmas. This really steams me. I like my sleep in case you can't tell.

Audrey is excited to have her own pack of gum! How did Santa know that whenever I offer her a stick of gum she asks can she have the entire pack?

Evan is excited for some skate action on his new wave board. You can really see it on his face don't 'cha think?

Well we are still coming down from our Christmas high. There's always so much anticipation leading up to Christmas that when it's all over there is a bit of 'so what now?' going on in the house. With everyone home for winter break though, there is not much time to ponder our state of being. The boys have kept things exciting with their new Heelys (someone shoulda called those hellys), I"M KIDDING! They are just awfully loud inside the house and when you have that clompy sound at an early hour when you are trying to sleep. It doesn't help that they are all competing for the same strip of hallway in the house- right under our bedroom. There was a sad realization at the mall when I took the boys for haircuts, that they are banned from using their skate-shoes there. Perhaps that is why when we wheeled our way through Dillards department store the gray-haired man shook his head disapprovingly at us. I wanted to say to him- "Hey grandpa, you try and keep 5 kids happy over 2 weeks at home with bitter cold weather like this in Iowa!" But I held my tongue. Anyways here are some more pictures of our fun on that blessed morning of over indulgence. Next year-less presents! I swear...


Julie said...

You're funny. I love reading your adventures. I love the "real" word for heelys. I am with you on that one! Keep having fun

The Park Family said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas. I am sorry that your kids wake us so early. I know as soon as my kids get older, we are going to have the same problem. I know my husband is excited for that. He is just a big kid himself.
Hope you are getting your life's back to normal with all the Holidays being over. Keep up the great blogs! Camrin aka Cami