January 26, 2008

adventures with Tony Hawk

Here's a conversation I just had with Audrey (almost 5yrs). Overheard while cleaning Audrey says (pretending/ repeating things they say on TV)
"Do you know who you are?! You are Tony Hawk!"
"Do you know who Tony Hawk is Audrey?"
"Yes, he was on the Suite life of Zack and Cody"
Then she asks...
"Mom, is Tony Hawk your boyfriend?"
"No- Dad is my boyfriend"
"Have you seen Tony Hawk in real life?"
"No, just on TV."
"I've seen him in real life."
"Audrey" I say "TV isn't real life you know."
"Yes I know, but do you know where I saw him? Let me tell you. It was when my great great grandma died but great great grandpa was still alive. Tony Hawk was there and he passed me a note and it said 'the guy who passed you this note is name is Tony Hawk' I thought you might not want to know about this at first, but I decided to tell you. Are you mad?"

Just a bit confused! BTW we are always hearing about Audrey's imaginary friend 'great great grandma' She showed up around the time I shared a story about my actual great great great great grandma who lived in Nauvoo. I shared this story in a sharing time back in September or so. Now Audrey has a counterpart grandma with quite an interesting history. I hope she will have some sort of grounding influence on my sweet daughter and keep the Tony Hawks of the world at a safe distance until she is an appropriate dating age.

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Julie said...

Funny! How do you get these pictures of your kids that go perfectly with your stories? She looks like a little Tony Hawks girl. Ha! I love it! You are too fun.