February 08, 2008


Well I have not posted in a while. We are in a strange place these days waiting to hear where our next military assignment will be. It seems as if it will be one of two places (although with the army, you never know and should expect the unexpected). The two places we think it most probably will be are Walter Reed (in DC), or Ft Lewis in Tacoma Washington. The two Washingtons... One of which we have lived in before and are somewhat familiar with. Troy did his neurology residency in DC. We sold our fixer upper home there before moving to Korea. Turns out selling was the right thing to do because housing prices now are lower than what they were when we sold. Still- prices there are outrageous. Schools are good in certain areas, but raising teenagers there scares me. Heck- it scares me anywhere, but the teens in the DC area that I would see coming home in my neighborhood are the kind you don't really want to meet in a dark alley, much less send your kid to ride the bus with. I foresee that we'll be sent to DC as they have the most need for a neuro-opth guy with Troy's training. I am hoping against hope that we will be sent to the other Washington though. At least it would be closer to home and we could afford a decent home. I could handle the rain. It's daunting to think that this next move we make will be one of great importance and have a huge impact on our family in the state we are currently in (Nathan about to enter high school, Evan going into 7th grade). We will be there for possibly the next 4 years or more depending on what we do when we get out of the army. I want the next place to be a possible 'put down roots' place. Isn't that what every military wife wants? To put down roots? I guess I will just have to put my faith in God and hope that it all will turn out for the best. In the words of the great prophet GB Hinkely; "Things will work out, they usually do." Please just grant me a little patience with the waiting process Lord.


Camrin said...

Aunt Kelly-
Wow! I think I would have to pull my hair out with all the moving around. It would be fun if you didn't have kids to worry about. I guess I forget how blessed we are to just be able to stay in our home. We hope the best for you and your family. Keep us posted on where your next journey will be. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Cami,
Yes it can be stressful. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? (how depressing). Keep counting your blessings...