February 09, 2008

Big Boy turns 14

Well Nathan has survived another year. He had a great day, as he celebrated his 14th birthday. I can hardly believe I have a child that old! When did this happen? He was a bit sad earlier in the month watching me prepare the invitations to Audrey's Cinderella-themed birthday party (coming up on the 16th). He said to me "I don't know why you are spending so much time on her party when my birthday is first" then "perhaps you are keeping my party a surprise for me?" Well... it has sorta been Tagg household policy that once you turn 11 the kid birthday parties with friends stop. Even when you are young enough we alternate years and only throw a friend party every other year. With 5 kids it's just too much to do them each year. But when I throw a party I go all out let me tell ya. I reminded Nathan of the Spiderman head pinata I made from scratch, and the huge web we made in the front room when he turned 5 and that seemed to satisfy him. I also mentioned the 'clue party' where we searched for Mr Body's killer all around the house in a person sized game of Clue (complete with a pool table birthday cake). Still I had sympathy for him wanting to make his day special. I got some balloons and sent him on a scavenger hunt around the house to find his presents. I had offered to let him have a couple friends over for pizza and a movie. In the end he had a buddy from the neighborhood over for cake and ice cream, then secretly stayed up late with Mom and Dad to watch a movie too mature for the rest of the kids. (BTW don't rent Transformers!!! I beg you). No friend party. He seemed to want to go for the extra presents instead of a party. I am very pleased with the young man Nathan is turning into. He is sensitive and caring. Smart, talented, funny, and nice to be around. Who could ask for anything more?

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!! I remember when our 1st babies were born...good ole BYU! It's great to see how wonderful, beautiful, smart....they are. You're a great mom. I'm glad you caved in and let him have a friend over :)