February 27, 2008

My Disappointment with the Amish

I was shocked today when an Amish woman ran a red light during dangerous driving conditions (ice-snow). There was a near miss to her vehicle and I had a good view of her face and she seemed totally oblivious to her careless mistake. My first thought was 'what is she doing behind the wheel? Don't they drive just horse and carriages?' then 'perhaps that is the answer to the bad driving skills.' She may not have been strict Amish (hence the joy-ride). She didn't have the bonnet-type hat. It was more of a doily-type cap that I see so often around here. They are always in dresses, and orthopedic shoes. Anyhoo, This is the 2nd time they have surprised me this week and the other time was more scandalous. Troy and I saw two ladies in similar dress enter Spencers in our mall the other night. Spencers sells all kind of pornographic cards, gag gifts, posters, etc. They post a warning sign I wished I had seen before entering with my children once to purchase a bulb for Nathan's lava lamp. Incidentally when I went to pay for my bulb and was in the middle of telling them off for not having a bigger sign, and actual largish spider crawled out of my sleeve down my hand and on the counter, freaking us all out. It was kinda a nice equalizer for us all. So maybe the Amish women were seeking lava lamp bulbs for their homes without electricity. Right...Maybe they were just feeling frisky and I should get off my high hurse and just stop judging them all the time. (reference to Farley Family Reunion and Nacho Libre).

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Melissa said...

I cant believe no one commented on the entry!! It's hillarous! Amish ladies going into some naughty store-- FUNNY!!! I guess we're all converted at different levels. Maybe those were the "loose" amish women. We have jack mormons, they have the same. Who knew. Thanks for giving me a good laugh :o)