January 23, 2008

Everyone Knows it!

So A is my 3rd son and has always been a bit on the high emotional side. He is either really happy or sorta testy (that's putting things mildly). T and I often wonder if it's due to how he is wired naturally or if it's a result of the two older brothers constantly pushing his buttons. Nurture vs nature you know. It's probably both. So lately when I send him to his room as punishment he has taken to screaming out all kinds of horrible things. "I hate you!" "My GOSH!" etc. The other day there was a new one in there. He said "You are a horrible mother and EVERYONE knows it!" Ouch! That's really awful. I have to admit I was hurt. When I shared this with my mother in law, she said "yeah that is bad. The worst part being the 'everyone knows it' thing. Us horrible mothers like to keep those things a secret." I had to laugh at this response and soak up some of her awesome wisdom. She can always put things into perspective for me. You just gotta laugh these things off sometimes and live through them. I know I often say things I don't mean in the heat of the moment. Perhaps he is an apple not far fallen from my tree. The other gem A shared was that when her kids would say "I hate you!" to her she would just laugh and say "Well that's okay, because I have enough love for the both of us." So wise!

On an unrelated note. I, being the horrible mother that I am, am bribing A today to drink an entire 8 oz Gatorade drink. (She hates the taste, and has now got the 7-8 day flu that her sister had. The nurse on the phone yesterday was suggesting the ER for IV fluids since they were so booked up. Unless of coarse, I could get her to drink Gatorade). I told her if she drinks the entire drink I will let her watch the Disney Channel. T is convinced that the Disney channel is from the devil, and too teenagerish for my already semi-diva child. I tend to agree, but it's not all bad and it sure makes her happy, and happy is what we need more of today. After all- I have that horrible reputation to live up to...


Julie said...

Ha! Ha! That is a classic picture! I think your mother in law is extremely wise. Can I adopt her as mine? Maybe I could write to her like Dear Abby or something. I think you're a fantastic mother!! Good luck with the Gatorade.

That is so lousy that you're still in the flu sicky-ness. Yucky! I hope you don't have to go in for fluids. After paying an arm and leg for medical school....too bad Troy just can't get an IV bag and hook her up :).

Kelly said...

Maybe he could, but I wouldn't trust his vein sticking skills. Thanks for the vote of confidence in the Motherhood dept. I'd give you my award over me any day though.