July 18, 2009

Cry Baby

Well I saw the Harry Potter movie with my boys today and I am not sure if it was hormones or what but I cried several times during the movie. Heck I think I even teared up during a trailer! My Middle Boy kept looking at me and laughing. Then we would do the universal sign for 'I'm having a moment-talk amongst yourselves' by spreading out the fingers on both hands, and fanning one's self a few times. He has no idea it comes from 'Coffee Talk' with Mike Myers. Maybe one day I will expose him to that, but not yet.

Spoiler Alert

I cried at the part where Hermoine Granger is heartbroken with jealousy over Ron Weasley kissing another girl. I cried whenever they'd mention Harry's dead mother. It was obviously meant to be a sad moment but geez, why the water works full blast all of a sudden? I looked for Kleenex in my purse without luck. My oldest was mortified. But once long ago, in a private moment, he confessed to me that when I cry at things he can feel what I am feeling and he cries a bit too. Underneath it all, he's a big softy too. I also wept hard at the end when DD dies. I didn't read this far in the series (sorry- we only made it half way into book 5 before becoming distracted by something). So I never saw that coming and I am still a bit shocked. How could JK Rowling do such a thing?! I am baffled by Dumbledoor's death! Do they bring him back in book 7? I am going to have to re-commit myself to reading up on the books here and get me some answers.

The big question I am asking myself isn't about the characters in the HP series though. It's about why am I one who wears her emotions so openly? I can almost never hide my true feelings. My sister has told me I have no filter either. But I do because when she told me that I wanted to say something really really rude back but didn't... so there!

I remind myself of the bride in the re-make movie 'Father of the Bride' with Steve Martin. You know when the daughter/bride gets all upset about the blender gift from her fiance'? Then the groom and Father have this conversation about the bride's personality being so extreme and wonderful at the same time? She's just like her Father in the movie. That's me. I feel things deeply. It's a good thing I married a steady man to keep me grounded I guess. Now I need to go and find some chocolate to drown my sorrows in.


Jennifer said...

We're off to see it tonight!! I can't wait!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Didn't love Harry Potter 75... but I love the "Coffee Talk" Reference!

Shana said...

We saw the movie yesterday. Still haven't read any of the books.
I teared up a few times too (but I think it was because they guy I like just told me to get lost!!)

Troy said...

Oh Shana
I am so sorry! Now I am crying again! Take care sweetie.

Kelly said...

SO sorry, the above comment was made by me (Kelly). I was signed in under his name on accident. Don't you all think his arm is sexy though? Me too!

Melinda said...

That movie got to me, too. I just love the lessons about light and dark in Rowling's tale.

You should read the books. Dumbledore is not coming back. But you'll realize the reason why he was "sacrificed" and Snape's rather complicated, twisted and selfless part in the whole thing. Very complex, morally ambiguous and wonderful.

Grant/Jen Willis Family said...

As one prone to water works I can completely relate! In fact, I found myself holding back the emotion as I read your entry. Looking forward to your book group post.

Your bosom friend,

Katie said...

I have been embarrassed by my tears on a number of occasions (crying in school - that was the worst). When I am sad I cry, when I am embarrassed I cry, when I am tired I cry. It runs in my family. My older brothers got it, just not as badly, and I think it is more embarrassing for them than me.

When I used to act, it really helped to be able to bring my emotions to the surface so easily.

Here's the thing though - in the last few years, it hasn't been nearly as bad. I should be happy, right? But it really just makes me wonder what is wrong with me - do I not feel as deeply anymore? Am I a little "cut-off" emotionally?

literaqueen said...

I've re-read Book 6 twice and cried both times, so I'm figuring I'll be a wreck at the movie. I'll bring Kleenex, though (or a knock-off generic version, at least).