July 23, 2009


Okay, I'm just going to blog about my day here. Nothing fancy shmancy. But probably better than when I try too hard.

5:45 Was nudged awake by my husband to take him to work and drop off his car at the mechanic's on the way. I now have some new respect for the commute he has to do every day. Yuck!

7:30 Climbed into bed with my 10 year old and 2 year old who were watching TV in my bed together. Way to start off the day with a little boob tube right? Before I got upset at this I got some details. Baby Girl was crying for me and they needed to find a way to make her happy until I got home. Alright? S'alright!

8:30 After napping through Max and Ruby and then an episode of Diego decided to make breakfast. Surprised to find Big Boy out of bed as well when we went out there. Made him unload the dishes. Arguing through most of the meal making the start to the day with a teenager delightful. Calgon take me away! Already!

9:00 Informed everyone that we would be going on a family bike ride this morning since Mommy had to skip her workout. Hooked up the go bug to my bike and wished our neighborhood wasn't so hilly. Stopped to rest in a park. Watched my boys do some awesome downhill skateboarding. (They opted out of the biking and went for the boards). Grounded my teenager for putting family members down. Hey, he had a few warnings. Then watched as he magically transformed into Mr Nicey Nicey in order to regain his Wii privileges.

10:00 Went home and showered in time to get Big Girl to her swimming lessons. Read my book club book called the Zoo Keeper's wife. A good book but I find I am highly distracted at the pool.

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands, doing laundry, making kids mow lawns, watching kids on the cheap slip and slide I bought at Target, taking kids to the dentist,

Side note:  A funny thing happened at the dentists.  I went to get Big Girl out of the car and she had forgotten to put on shoes.  She was so embarrassed that she didn't want to get out.  I forced her and then as we sat in the waiting room she came up with some brilliant solutions to the situation.  "Maybe because I am small they will think I am four years old.  This is something a four year old would do right?"  Her cover was blown when the dentist asked her her age.  She hesitated and said six, but looked over at me like she was trapped into honesty.  Her other big idea was that she could just pretend we were Korean because they always take their shoes off when entering the indoors.  You gotta give her props for thinking outside the box there!

Then we spent 3 hours straight in the car in traffic picking up my husband and then the dumb car from the mechanic's (to the tune of 375.00). Oh my gosh! Too much traffic! My bum is numb! I am sure you get the picture. I got a lot of my book listened to on CD though.  That was a great idea for me.  Not distracted in the car. Grilled Cheese for dinner. Boys off to Young Mens. Hear Big Girl crying. Better go. Laundry to fold. So You Think You Can Dance to watch. Not a bad day.


Kristina P. said...

Your daughter is hilarious and inventive! Sorry it didn't work. :)

CSIowa said...

Please tell me that last photo is NOT of the beltway.

Eileen said...

Can I send my teenager to live with you? I hear from other people that he's polite and nice, but I'm rarely seeing it at home these days!

Summer is kicking my patootie. I haven't been on the internet in about a week. I'm exhuasted and haven't been caught up on laundry since June. September can't come soon enough.

Kelly said...

Thanks KP! BG cracks me up quite regularly.

CSI- That is down town DC traffic I believe. Let me be honest though. The Beltway is much worse. I am afraid when you come out here you will see for yourself. This aint Iowa my friend!

Eileen: Perhaps we could do a teen swap. Then we'd both benefit from the deal. Summer is killing me too. Killing me softly with it's song. Two words for you: Hired help. Those days when Melissa comes are the only days I see the light at the end of the tunnel around here.

Zach and Nikki said...

What a smart girl! Saturday we forgot to put shoes on our son when we went to the pool. That was really our fault since he's only two. Lucky for him, he was carried everywhere because letting him walk barefoot out here in the summer is like asking him to walk on hot coals-really!

Rhonda said...

Your a good wife and Mom. Enjoy your life and be sure to not wish it away. Mom use to tell me that all the time.

literaqueen said...

Alternate solution to the traffic situation: doctor's orders not to drive for two weeks. Hey, it works.