January 12, 2010

Two Things

This morning two things happened. A big spill and a frustrating seat belt situation. When things like this happen during the 'hurry-we-must-be-out-the-door-soon' time of the day my reaction is typically not what it should be. Not surprisingly the way usually I react doesn't ever improve the situation. Next up is the guilt and remorse and sometimes the apology. Sometimes not...

Today was different, and I am glad to report it here. When Little Boy spilled so much milk that it soaked the table, his pants, and the floor I was pleasant and helped him by moving his cereal to the other side of the table while I mopped it up. I had a clean pair of pants for him in a minute and we were on our way. Something inside me told me this was the start to a good day for him.

That same happy calm-under-pressure spirit followed us, when after I gathered my chicks into their coats and we said a quick morning prayer we headed out to the garage. Big Girl's car seat is in a new location due to vacation seat shuffling and she is not as adept at buckling herself in the no man's land of the 'way back.' She struggled and I encouraged.

"I believe in you! You can do this thing!" I called back to her as I started the van..... 30 seconds later I heard her hurrumphing and showing that buckle who was boss. "I DID IT! I knew I could, I believed!" was her reply. I wanted to shout to Little Boy "Can I get an amen brother?!" But I just smiled to myself.

Something as simple as spilled milk and a seatbelt situation started our day out right when it just as easily (and more likely) would have gone the other way.

Please help me to learn and recognize the power of a mother's reaction in the future. At least for the rest of today.


Shana said...

The best thing for any situation is your REACTION to it.

You did good.

Kristina P. said...

You handled it so well!

CSIowa said...

Well done, Kelly! You were needed at my house this morning.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Hmm, so you're saying screaming and pg-13 rated exasperations aren't the way to go?

How novel.


Kelly said...

No, not a novel idea but experience will tell you one day that staying in your happy place isn't easily done.

Dallas said...

This post gave me the goosebumps. I need more pacient times and better reactions like that more often. But we live and learn I guess. You have such a fun personality too. Your kids are very lucky to have you has a mother.