July 29, 2010

Blogging about Jogging

Blogging has been a pretty steady habit/placetoventmythoughts for  about 3.5 years now.  My blog started several years earlier but I don't think you can really say that blogging twice a year makes it an active hobby.  It really started gaining steam when my husband deployed to Iraq and I needed a place to go and talk to him. Now I know there are probably more productive or respected hobbies out there.  I would love to get back into sewing which I can do quite well if I don't have kids around needing to be fed and stuff.  They also need pesky things like clean clothes, a taxi service and home made cookies weekly.  So I don't really have much time you see to add another hobby to my busy day.  However, being in good physical condition has become increasingly important to me.  I am not a young race horse just out of the gate anymore.  I am 41, creeping up on 42!  And my body is talking to me in it's creaky creaky language saying "Help me, I need to be around a lot longer!  Get me back in shape and not just for vanity's sake!"  So I've been trying a couple different work out tapes and I've gotten myself into a better place than I have been in years.  I've had set backs, but overall, I am in better shape.  I can keep up with the kids on the hills on our bikes.  I don't get tired walking around at amusement parks all day, stuff like that.  Do I look like a supermodel?  Of course I do!  Just kidding I really don't but it doesn't matter at this point and it's nice to be okay with that.  (Sorta).

Watching my husband get into such great shape is also very motivating.  He's now in training for his first marathon.  knowing how much I hate running, I could never do that (I don't think- just don't double dog dare me!).  The other day I saw a quote on this blog that I follow that struck a chord.  It said "a year from now, you will wish you had started today."

That totally motivated me.  

What a blessing it would be if I felt better, looked better and had a healthier future?   If I really got serious and pushed myself to run.  And it would take a big push!  But do I really have time in my busy schedule to make this happen?  I think it would require a better jogger stroller for Little Girl.  I can almost see myself jogging after dropping off Big Girl at school in the morning.  Almost... Maybe some cute workout outfits would also help.  Or how about blogging about my experience making myself accountable to the world (the small world that reads my silly blog)?

After sharing my goal with my husband (possibly my first mistake) he decided to take me out running with him and Little Boy.  So yesterday, at 5:30am, on a Tuesday, we ran/walked for a slow mile.  I came home and within minutes, while making my bed, my lower back started hurting and bothered me the rest of the day.... great.  This makes me depressed.  Then today I have a weird pain in my achilles tendon and a touch of diarrhea (TMI?).  Is my body boycotting?  Does a 22 minute mile give me motivation or humiliation?  I am still not sure.  On our run, after a one mile loop we ended up back at my house and I had the option to stop or keep going.  I chose to stop because I didn't want to be sore at the aquarium that day.  I said to my guys "why don't we drop off the weakest link and pick up the pace for the second mile?"  They both assured me that I wasn't the weak link.  "What do you mean?  I was talking about Little Boy!"  Was my joking reply.

One thing I know is that if I am going to start this I will need to keep my sense of humor intact because I would rather laugh at myself than cry.  Wish me luck!  I think it's going to suck for a while...  And if my blogging suffers -then so be it.  There are bigger fish to fry (aka calories to burn) here.


Laurel C. said...

Boy, I hear you with the language of the creaky body thing. (Or did you say "cranky?" Same result, I guess.) I've been trying to walk the treadmill at the YMCA at least 3 times a week. I have become Queen of Excuse Making now. "It's raining; I better wait until the streets dry up before I drive to the Y," etc. Pathetic.

The bottom line is that it's tough to exercise again at 40+ years of age. Real tough! I'm right there with you!

Bee and Rose said...

Hang in there! I love that quote...it just lit a fire in me too!

You can do it, Kelly and then you can blog and inspire the rest of us!!!

CSIowa said...

My friend started running a few years ago to help with her knee pain. She ran .1 mile the first day and added .1 mile every day. Apparently, the trick to not killing yourself with running is not to kill yourself with running. Just do a little bit that makes you feel good, without overdoing it, and walk the rest of the way. By the way, that friend has now done the Ironman twice, run a couple of marathons, and regularly competes in shorter races. Also, she is the only person I have ever seen look good in skinny jeans. And she has five kids at home.

All of which is not to say that you should do that, too, but that you can if you want to. Just be a little cautious. Neither one of us is 19 anymore.

Go, KT!!!

Kelly said...

I am totally with you on the being cautious thing. I gotta say that running with my husband was hard because I knew how much I was holding him back and it bothered me.

I like the .1 more each day method!

Laurel C. said...

I just remembered... my YMCA trainer guy asked me if I used to be a runner back when I was exercising more. I said, "No." He then said that I couldn't start now. He said if you haven't been a runner before age 40, you can't start after age 40. He said your tendons, muscles, and etc. aren't formed for it and won't flex now at this "advanced age."

Now that was depressing.

Were you a runner before? If not, maybe that explains why jogging is really punishing your body now.

Carrie Stuart said...

That is an awesome quote! Good luck with it. I know the injury thing can be a real demotivator. I ran a half marathon ten years ago, and things were great, when I wasn't injured. I sometimes think I'll get back into it...but at this point I'd need to do something with less impact to lose weight first. Take it easy!

Eileen said...

Go Kelly! And I told you those dang triathlons lead to marathons! I know a woman with 13 children (really) and she just lost over 50 pounds with jogging. She started out very slow and with very short distances, but she progressed fast.

I had a pre-adoption physical last night and the weight was quite shocking. It was like a pregnancy weight. Seriously nearly 20 pounds heavier than when we got married.

So I'll be training too!

Kelly said...

My husband says that your trainer is full of crap! And he never says crap so I think he means it. He has seen some motivating movie about marathons where they take several non runners and train them slowly to the point where they can do a marathon. One of them was 65 years old. He insisted that I email you this message. : )

Teachinfourth said...

Hey, anybody who runs for exercise is a hero in my book! Besides, I think your husband is right; in a year you will be glad you did it.

You go, girl.

Katie said...

So I am right there with you with the running. It totally baffles my mind that some people actually enjoy it. When I signed up with the Y last year, I started jogging...took it very easy and very slowly. I told myself that if I still didn't like running in six months, I was allowed to quit. And I still hated it in six months and I have basically quit. However, I do Zumba and Cardio Funk, and I love to walk on the treadmill with a huge incline. I am still getting my exercise, but I am disappointed in myself for quitting. I really still want to be able to run at least a 5K someday. I think running with someone who will motivate you, like you with your husband, is such a huge help. You can do it!

Marie Loveless said...

Kelly, I am just getting around to reading this and I hope you like running. I hate it and I love to do dance aerobics. It's not so boring to me. But at 55 it does come with it's aches and pains. I like Zumba but my knee has started bothering me since I started doing it. Marie

literaqueen said...

It's all about consistency. Seriously. You can do it! If Tracy's around for Thanksgiving, wanna run with us?