July 09, 2010

Praying for an Anvil

I was driving the other day and on the side of the road there was a sign.  It was no ordinary sign I tell you.  In fact it was so low to the ground that it was almost imperceptible.  It said "I need an anvil!" and then had a phone number to contact.  The words were written inside a drawing of an anvil itself.  The oddest part was that it looked like it was etched into some sort of stone instead of on a standard flat sign.  Am I the only one who finds this funny?  They must have been pretty serious to take out the hammer and chisel to get their message out.  Makes me almost want to go out and purchase an anvil for this poor determined soul.  If I wasn't so poor due to spending what I consider to be highway robbery for a new violin bow for my oldest son I just might do that.  (Who knew?!). Maybe I was driving by too fast and didn't see the sign acurrately.  I will have to go back for a second look and possibly a photo for my blog.

While I am out I will need to drive by (and take a photo of) the 'prayer stop' we have here in town.  Or is it the prayer shack?  Anyhow there is a prayer pit-stop with white patio furniture out in front on New Hamsphire Blvd.  Its a smallish trailer like building for you to go inside and I assume... pray.  There is limited parking so you can't take too long.  I am sure praying there would be effective.  I'm thinking of putting a prayer outhouse in my back yard and putting signs up to advertise.  We could sell prayer biscuits and holy water to go along with our outhouse.  Now I am just being sacrilegious.  Sorry.  Perhaps you should pray for my well being at the prayer shack next time you stop.  It is actually my opinion that you can pray anywhere at anytime if you wish.  But having a specific place to stop is a okay too.

Tonight my girls are up to some pranks.  They just left a note outside a doorway where they knew Little Boy would be coming.  It read "we stole your some of your stuffs"  Or something equally as grammatically incorrect (not unlike "equally as grammatically incorrect").  A trail of notes led him to a Mini Ninja video game tied to an obvious string.  I almost foiled the plan when doing my usual pick up routine as I swept through different rooms in the house gathering up the effects of the day.  This game was boobie trapped!  When Little Boy went to pick it up Little Girl was on the other end yanking away.  What a blast watching them play this way when TV and video games have been banned for the evening.  I just instituted a 4:00 curfew for video games.  There are a whole host of other regulations, but that is the newest one.  This is what we do in the summer time when all the temps outside are over 100 (and all the leaves are green).

So here's wishing that I will be motivated to bring a camera along on my next drive to prove the existence of an anvil plea and a prayer shack.  Does anyone out there doubt me?


Teachinfourth said...

I'll say a little prayer fo-or you (imagine this being sung).

Wow, what business won't be thought of next!

Carrie Stuart said...

LOL, Kelly. Since Cliff's a chaplain and therefore the official military "pray-er" at any event (and sometimes gets invited to fancy dinners just to pray)...I tell him he should make a sign to carry that says, "Will pray for food". Maybe we could open up a prayer shack in our retirement?

I can't wait to see the pics.

Anonymous said...
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