July 23, 2010


Big Boy has himself a job.  We think.  I mean we went in and turned in an application and she told him on the spot that he had the job.  She told him she would be calling with his work schedule sometime this week.  Tomorrow is Friday and we have not heard yet.  She hired him instantly due to a recommendation from another LDS employee they have working there at the 'Hallmark by Pat' (did I mention he will be working for Beth at Pat's Hallmark down the road a piece?  Well if I didn't I should have  because it's true!)
So I am all, do we need to buy you black shirts and more kaki pants that aren't too churchy or not?  D told us that Beth is forgetful sometimes.  That is probably why we haven't heard.  Can I just say that I am so glad that Beth is forgetful because this means she may be more forgiving when Big Boy is forgetful too.  Unless she forgets that she is forgetful.  Hey, it could happen.

Middle Boy got braces today.  He is in a lot of pain.  They reassured him that it wouldn't be too bad and that some lucky people never experience any pain at all.  He is not one of those lucky people.  He had a movie party with a couple friends over here today.  They watched two horribly cheesy movies called Step Up and Step Up 2.  I am telling you, they should have stopped at half step .5 on this series of movies.  The syrupy sweet dialog may have been the cause of Middle Boy's tooth pain.  I am going to suggest another parent's home for the release of Step Up 3.

Little Boy is in dire need of a haircut.  He keeps avoiding me when I tell him we are going to do it today.  He has a sneaky way of just not arguing and then flying under the radar.  I am the one who cuts his hair because I know all the tricks of his hair growth pattern like no one else.  So maybe it's not him but his lazy barber who is to blame.  He sure is a happy kid and fun to tease with.  I like having him around.

Big Girl keeps inviting us to parties.  She goes to great lengths for her tea parties creating a lot of different activities for us to do.  I am so glad I skipped choir practice on Sunday to make it to her last party.  My favorite game was the 'tea blink' game.  For more details you'll have to join us!  The next party is scheduled for Sat at 3:00, in her room, with a treasure (sometimes spelled trashure)-hunt theme.  She has delegated me as part of the decorating committee.  I am a little worried I won't measure up.

Little Girl is in love with Hello Kitty, coloring on things she shouldn't, and lying, bold-faced, to adults.  Today she was hiding skittles under her bottom at a friends home.  When asked what she was sitting on she wouldn't let on.  She also colored on a set of dominos and told me it wasn't her at first.  I am worried she will end up coloring on the prison walls one day and she'll deny it all the way to the chair.

And now you have the official kid update.  Whether you wanted it or not.


Dallas said...

LOVE IT!!!! I love hearing about little girl because she is just like Emery. Emery is SO into Hello Kitty too. They would probably make great friends if they were around each other enough. What a fun family you have.

Bee and Rose said...

Giggle Giggle....

Cat is really into the whole Hello Kitty vibe too...oh, and coloring on things like walls, books...maybe our girls will share a cell in princess prison someday! lol!

Thanks for hanging with me during my blogging absence:) Your kind words really lifted my spirits! God willing, I'm back to regular blogging now...wish me luck!

ps...I feel your pain with the Step Up movies!

Cheeseboy said...

I didn't ask for it, but I will take it.
Sorry about the braces. The dentist says ours will need them too. Not looking forward to those days.

I do hope the job works out.

literaqueen said...

I inherited a piano that had been through TWO Iowa City families. One day, sad that my friends had moved, I looked at it and thought, "Wait a minute-- did Madi carve her name in the bench . . .?" Yup. Awesome.