October 08, 2010

Busy Ramble/Help!

So I have been blog lazy lately.  It happens.  I've decided that my cold is not really going anywhere but at least I am still functioning.  It's a sneeze your brains out in the morning, high functioning throughout the day cold.  Yesterday was the busiest day I have had in a while.  I signed up for hosting a morning scripture study group at my house for the month of October.  I had cleaned my house up for that the day before.  Should I have felt bad that I paid more attention to my house than to the scriptures?  I still managed to get the reading done just minutes before they arrived at the door.  I told myself that I just wanted the material to be all fresh in my mind, but then when our discussion led to our priorities in life, I felt bad.  Maybe I'm too hard on myself.  Next week I will let them see the messy side of my house.  It will just make them feel better about themselves right?  I'm so charitable : )

So my busy day continued when Big Boy called from school and told me that he indeed qualified for the National Honor Society (which I was shocked to find out btw).  So now this meant a day full of driving around getting signatures.  I went to 5 places yesterday hunting down John Hancock after John Hancock.  It was like a scavenger hunt with the end prize being a possible academic future for my teenager. T got the last two signatures this morning and just turned in the application 5 short hours before the deadline.  I found it funny when T related to me a conversation he had with BBoy on the drive to seminary this morning.  He asked our son "did you tell your mother thanks for all her hard work yesterday on your behalf?" and his answer was "yes I did" (which is true). But then he went on with "you know Dad I am the one who did most of the work on that not mom"  HA!  I'm going to have to beat him with a wet noodle when he gets home.
Study hard and you too can qualify for the NHS
The rest of the day was filled with brownie scouts after school where I was in charge of a 'feelings charades' game.  I used a lot of my finely honed acting skills to show the girls how they could act out words like "insecure" or "frustrated" it was a blast!  Then at dusk, we lost one kid while he went jogging with a friend.  Three years in  the same neighborhood and you would think he'd know the layout by now.  Of course his friend has lived here all his life and he got lost too, so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on him.  At least they had a cell phone between them.  What did we ever do before cell phones?

All I can say is that I am glad I planned ahead and made dinner in the crock pot.  We've had friends (without kids) who poo poo the crock pot saying it's not real food if it comes from a crock pot.  But it has saved me on more than one occasion.  I pity the poor fool who never opens themselves up the the possibilities of a crock pot.

The dilemma of the day today is choosing a scary, but not too scary movie for the surprise party I am throwing for middle boy this weekend.  He is turning 14.  He is too old for Ichabod and too young for lots of stuff out there.  We are a family who likes to be scared.  We especially like older scary Alfred Hitchcock movies.  We want to show them The Village but it might be too much for some of the guests. Our other choices we rented are Dial M for Murder and Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein.  What would your vote be?  Help me out and leave an opinion... Or give me a suggestion.  I just found out that some younger kids will be there too so I am leaning towards Abbot and Costello.  But we are planning an outdoor movie on a projector so we can always put the sensitive kiddos inside.  Is that poor party etiquette?


Paula said...

Jon and I vote for Abbot and Costello :)

Kat said...

Busy indeed! Congrats to your son for making NHS and to you for getting all the leg work done. ;)

Oh boy. I was watching some really nasty, scary movies when I was 14. Younger even. But I wouldn't let my kids.
Hmmm. How young are the youngest kids that are going to be there? What about something like Signs? That is a freaky movie, but not too bad for kids. ??

Kelly said...

The youngest kids invited are 11. I think we are going to stick with Abbot and Costello.

Connie said...

Too bad they're too old for Ichabod! Bing Crosby does such a good job narrating the fun movie!

Hope your cold gets better.

Kelly said...

In my opinion no one is too old for Ichabod.

Emily said...

I'm not a big fan of the NHS.

Maybe because it didn't matter that I qualified scholastically for membership in the NHS. See, the high school I moved to my Jr. Year claimed the society was 'full'. Apparently they only had a certain number of golden graduation tassels available?

No matter, because I still got into college. And even earned a degree.