October 29, 2010

Elivs is in the Building!

My Little Boy has very few inhibitions.  I am not used to this in a middle school student.  It's like he has no self conscious side.  This characteristic is admired by his mother and makes his older brothers uncomfortable for him.  But it sure is entertaining!

This morning he is proving this once again with his whole hearted-desire to go to his new middle school dressed up as the King.

The King is not as full of himself as you might think.  Here he was spotted loading the dishes.

The King made his own bed and ate a humble meal of Rice Krispies for breakfast.

The King obediently wore his rubber bands on his braces this morning claiming that "Elvis is nothing without his band(s)!"

Oh thank the heavens for this child!  He cracks me up!  And he has promised to tell everyone who bedazzled his thrift-store pleather jacket with this awesome star....
"His Mama!"
"Thank you very much!"


Eileen said...

I love it!!

My big kids have a tri-stake costume dance tonight. Madeline is VERY excited since it's her first dance and she's going as a Twister board. It's very cute.

Adam doesn't want to go but since he's being forced, he's decided to go as Julius Ceaser. Lyle wants him to pin a bag of salad to the front of his toga and say he's Ceaser salad, but Adam doesn't seem too keen on that idea.

M-Cat said...

Now THAT is a costume I totally love!!
And the fact that he digs it too..... well, I makes him that much more endeared to me :)


Laurel C. said...

That is fabulous!

Shana said...

The KING is cool!!!!!

Jack, Merry & T-Man said...

I love it! I will have to show you the pictures of when my husband and I were Elvis & Priscilla for Halloween.

Teachinfourth said...

Rock on…seriously.