October 01, 2011

Right Now

Right now there is laundry to do, a flower girl dress to sew, sleep to be had, and a chocolate bar in the cupboard calling my name repeatedly.  'NO Hershey!' I shout back to it.  So I type on my blog instead to vent-my-thoughts.  Here is what is boaring holes in my brain tonight.
1-My perfect brother Eric has cancer and it's pretty bad...
2-My teenager is being a teenager.  Bad teenager Bad!
3-I need to finish sewing Little Girl's flower girl dress in the next 5 days before we head to Provo for my sister's wedding.
4-I seem to be coming down with another cold just before our flight and that really makes me mad!
5-My bad teenager gave me this cold (same as last time).  I want to put a safety bubble between us from now on.  Perhaps this bubble could have multiple purposes....  less germs, less arguing.  I love him, but he's killing me.  Killing me softly.
6-I am amazed that there is not a single slip to be purchased in the area.  I wanted to get the puffy kind to wear under the dresses for the flower girls (Big & Little Girl are both in the wedding).  When I asked the salesman if they had petticoats he showed me something like this:
Yes, a petite coat indeed.  Not a petticoat though.  That man had no business working in a little girl's dress shop.  Either that or I need to pronounce things better.  Even the bridal shop with fancy little girl's dresses had no such thing as a petticoat.  Is this the reason for the decline in morals in our society?  I know my step mom used to get a bit worked up if we pre-teens didn't wear our slips.  Perhaps I should write my congressman and let him know.  Life goes on.  Luckily you can buy things on the internet.  I am proof of that I tell ya!  Unluckily I sometimes get things wrong when ordering online.  I click things twice and get double what I wanted.  I misjudge sizes, I imagine things better then they really are in real life.  I then put these unwanted items in the closet with the intent of mailing them back.  Sometimes  my closet works like the Bermuda Triangle though and I forget all about them.  I bet I have quite a bit of money saved up in returns right there.  You could look at the bright side and say that when I do get around to returning them, that my Christmas savings will have been right there in the closet the entire year!  

I guess that is all the rambling I will do for tonight.  Please pray for my brother.  I think I will go get that chocolate bar now.



CSIowa said...

These things call for chocolate better than Hershey. You're worth it! Someone once told me that Dove has the most chocolate per calorie, and it's more worth eating than that other waxy stuff. Cancer stinks.

Kelly said...

So true Candace. Someone recently gave me a small box of See's truffles. The first thing I thought of when partaking of one is 'wow, my sister-in-law could really use a large box of these right about now'.... so despite the huge shipping fee I sent her a big box with a note that read "because you have troubles, I'm sending you truffles" a good box of chocolate at the right time is worth every penny.

M-Cat said...

I'm sorry about your brother. Good thoughts and prayers your way!

When you get to UT - there is a great shop in the mall in Sandy that has petticoats and all things for little girls and fancy dresses. I'll be headed there myeslf soon to find a dress for Chloee.

And yes, eat that chocolate and add a diet coke - things will seem much better.

PS - that teenage boy will some day grown his brain cells back. I promise.

Kelly said...

Thanks M-Cat! What great advise on all fronts. You are a true bloggy friend.

Chris & Steph said...

I have a teenage girl (the #2) that's driving me nuts right now... Wanna trade? It might work! SOMETIMES I envy the British habit of sending them off to school at this age!

Chris & Steph said...

Girl #2 is driving me crazy right now. Should we trade? It might be a welcome break for all. (grin)

gingertea said...

I love that your Christmas savings is stowed in your closet full of returns. I do similar and mine turned into part of our summer vacation. ;) "truffles for troubles" what a nice thing to do. Sorry about your brother's cancer...sending prayers your way.