October 18, 2011

SO grateful!

I have had the most stressed out day.  Today was the day of my brother's surgery for a racquetball sized tumor that had been found in the right side of his face.  He has been at the Mayo clinic receiving treatment. He has 8 children.  He is one of the most good natured people you will ever EVER encounter.  I was pretty upset with God for choosing someone as great as my brother to do this sort of thing to.  First He took my nearly perfect mother 22 years ago (cancer) and now my even more perfect brother!  Not FAIR!  I found myself killing ants the day after I heard this awful news about Eric and as I smashed them with my angry thumb I thought to myself "this is what God does.... he says 'I'm taking you, and now you, and you're next... smash smash smash'"  It took me a few days to simmer down but once I humbled myself a bit I started in asking for forgiveness first and for favors next.  Eric and his family have been the subject of much fasting and prayer around here.  I've been so worried at times that I have unloaded my bad new on unsuspecting check-out clerks, walking buddies, and today on a pre-school teacher who wasn't even my kid's teacher.  We were just sitting on the bench together watching the kids play outside on the playground  and the next thing you knew I was spilling it out for her.  I mentioned my name to her upon parting.  Poor lady must have thought I was losing it.  I am.

Today, on surgery day, as I thought about how mangled my brother's new face might look, I forgot to bring a field trip permission slip along with 6.00 that was due.  I asked for a new one.  I went home, showered, looked up gross facial reconstruction photos on the internet, stressed out, went grocery shopping and tried not to tear up in public as I went through the self check out.  I was in a hurry to pick up Little Girl from pre-school and forgot to pay for a gift card...  When I realized, (in the parking lot) my mistake, I looked up to the heavens and promised that I would be honest and return to pay if He would grant a miracle on the surgical table today.  He must really care about that 15.00 I owed Safeway because a miracle was granted (and yes I did return and pay).  I don't even care that I had to humble myself (again!) and ask for a 2nd field trip permission form in front of the one lady at pre-school who annoys me.  Eric's surgery went great!  So much better than we had thought.  You can read about it here.  He started his blog as an update for family but he is such a great writer that you might just want to scan back and start from the beginning.  You will see why I am so inspired by this perfect brother of mine.  Thank you to all of you who have been praying for him and his family.
Eric and almost all of his family before leaving for his surgery.


Shana said...

Thinking of your brother and his family!!

kati said...

well I realized something new today.... so I can't really read erics blog without crying... and turns out I can't read yours without crying too! thank goodness he is ok. I am so amazed and thankful that he is doing ok... not just ok but great :)

M-Cat said...

I love your experience with the ants. Why? Because it's such a common feeling that most people won't admit to. It helped me feel a little bit more normal.

Glad to hear your brother is good. Glad to hear that surgery went well. Glad to know that Heavenly Father answers prayers! Even if we do stomp on ants

Eileen said...


I've totally been out of blog-land. So sorry about your brother, but glad that the surgery went well. You can call me and rant anytime.

Love you,

(was that too much? You know, the 'love you' part?)

Kelly said...

Not at all Eileen... I love you too! In a totally best girlfriend way that is. I have been meaning to call and ask how you are doing without Olaf.. I'm not the best friend I guess.