August 20, 2009

Ta' Mater

Well after months of patiently waiting our tomatoes are finally coming on.  Yeah!  It's the best part of summer for me.  So far I have made the following delicacies with our red beauties.  (And how sad is it that it took me 3 tries to spell beauties correctly- thank heavens for spell check and my porky pig spelling advantage).  I made Tortellini soup even though it was too hot for soup.  My husband came home very late and very hungry and told me it hit the spot.  It scored me some points- big time!  Then today I made tortilla wraps with spinach, basil from the garden and more tomatoes.  Dinner was grilled cheese with tomato.  Always better with tomato!  

I sent Middle Boy out to pick more this afternoon and lookie lookie what we had growing in our back yard.
Oh why is it that the fair entries are over for the year?  I could have won me some sweet moula with this mutant tomato!  It's like conjoined twins!  (Wow who knew I could spell conjoined on the first try?).  It reminds me of that movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  I love the scene where the guy is sitting at a table in a quiet library and he looks up from his book with an evil grin and says out loud the word "tomatoes!"  and everyone runs and screams in horror.  I actually rented this movie thinking it would be great to expose my kids to this awesomely stupid cult classic.  Turns out it wasn't so good and even I couldn't sit all the way through it.  We've some a long ways in film making since 1978.  

Now I just know that tonight this tomato will haunt me in my dreams.  I better chop it up soon.  I'm thinking omlets with tomato for breakfast.  


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Mmm YUM!! I love tomatoes! Especially fresh from the garden. As a matter of fact, I ate two toasted tomato sandwiches for dinner tonight!

Kristina P. said...

My husband hates tomatoes. Which is great because more for me!

Jennifer said...

Yummy!! I'm jealous. There is nothing better in the world than a home grown tomato. Delicious! And no worries about the spelling- the trick is at least knowing it is spelled wrong. . . . the you can fix it =)

Shana said...

love tomatoes!!

Tracy Purdy said...

I ate my favortie dish tonight. Tacos with black beans and fresh tomatos...from YOUR garden!!!!

Amy said...

I'm up late, can't sleep, and now I REALLY want a grilled cheese with homegrown tomato. Seriously, what's better than that?


Fresh Mommy said...

Yum!! We love fresh grown goodness from our garden... and that's one crazy tomato!!! Enjoy!


literaqueen said...

My tomatoes fizzled out after they'd produced five. Fortunately, a friend's tomato plants are doing great and she shared. LOVE tomatoes!! This entry makes me hungry.