August 15, 2009

New York: Day Two

My last conversation with Grandpa V before he passed was a bit strange. He has lost all of his senses at that point and kept repeating this line to me.

"A spoon and a fork and a bottle and a cork, and that's the way you spell New York."

"Really Grandpa? 'Cause I kinda thought New York was spelled N-E-W..." You get the idea.

He must have said it no less than 30 times in the two hour visit.

So I am still looking for the evidence of a spoon, fork, bottle, cork, or any alternate spellings of New York while T and I are on our get away. No dice so far. But perhaps on tomorrow's down town tour something will turn up.

Today's events included
1-Sleeping in!
2-A walk to the parking lot to get into the van and retrieve my sunglasses, book, and sunscreen. That was quite interesting as it involved a ride in a car elevator with a parking attendant and another car. Wacky!
3-Getting a on a bus touring up town with a spirited somewhat toothless guide named Pam. Pam told of the time when they drove past Yoko Ono getting into her car. We saw no celebs today unless you count the guy she called 'hot latin bald man' who periodically sticks his shirtless top outside the window with a bouquet of flowers and a pillow that says he loves us. His gestures of throwing kisses and gathering back our love into his chest were impressive. Too bad my camera wasn't at the ready there. I have been taking many photos but can't seem to download from our hotel room. So they will have to wait.
4- We ate a hot dog on the street
5-Went to the Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum of Art which were both great and my bucket is indeed full!!!
6-Waited for 30 minutes in the hot sun for our red tour bus which was supposed to come around every 10 to 15 minutes.
7-Watched 4 blue tour busses go by while waiting in the hot sun. Not cool!
8-Went to dinner and a movie. I highly recommend Julie and Julia!
9-Tomorrow more touring and then West Side Story!

I am deliciously tired (something T's Granny used to say). So off to bed in the city that never sleeps.

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literaqueen said...

The Guggenheim AND the Metropolitan Museum of Art? You lucky, lucky woman.