August 03, 2009

Rather Stupid

Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins has always been a childhood favorite of mine. In my youth, I never knew what they were singing about really. It wasn't until I watched as an adult that I fully caught on. Pretty edgy Disney! Then I found myself randomly singing this song tonight as I loaded the dishes at 10:00pm. The line about adoring men individually but agreeing that as a whole... well... you know, seemed to come to me without any trouble.

Perhaps it's because the line, to me as a child was shocking and left a deep mark on my brain. But then things like obscure lyrics from my past sticking forever and being recalled with ease has always been one of my secret talents. Not to brag, but I can shock people sometimes with my memory for such things. But I digress.

I think it was because I had just mentioned to my husband that no one had asked the kids to do their dishes. I had been sleeping off an afternoon headache. When I am away from the scene, sometimes things don't get done. So maybe it was my sub conscious mind complaining a bit. T pointed out to me just now that it was a bit ironic that I was blogging about male stupidity yet I needed his help to try and post sister suffragette as a video onto blogger (we didn't succeed as you can see- all I can do with reliability is link. Sorry). I agreed! Then I agreed to be sure and mention that in my post.

I now realize that perhaps the reason the song kept repeating itself in my mind was that my 15 year old came home from a scout camping weekend with 2nd degree burns over half his bodyPublish Post from sun exposure. Yes, seven hours in the sun by/in the ocean with only one morning application of sunscreen will turn a fair haired, freckled red head into a blistery, heat radiating, cranky tomato-son. Yep- rather stupid.

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Kelly said...

btw I am also aware that a 15 year old should know better and his mother should have given someone a talking to beforehand.

20/20 is always hindsight....

yeah- reverse that....