September 24, 2009

Baby Girl is Smart (part 2)

Yesterday I took my 15 year old in to have some plantars warts frozen off the bottom of his foot so that he can continue to increase his times in cross country and earn himself large Slurpees. I had to take the baby with us, and she looked a bit pouty as all the attention was on her big brother instead of herself. Two is a selfish selfish age. If you didn't know that before, let me be the first to say it out loud. They are selfish greedy little cutie pies.

She noticed a stash of stickers for the well behaved children at the vitals station. Still pouting, she pointed to the Dora stickers and asked for one. I whispered to her that it was Nathan's turn to be seen by the doctor today and that she could get one when it was her turn to see the doctor. I'm trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to teach the girls especially, that just because they are cute they don't always get to bat their eyes and get special things.

So the wheels were turning for no more than two seconds when she pointed to a scab on her ankle and said "I have an owie." Two seconds later she had a Dora sticker. That girl really knows how to play her cards....

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