September 02, 2009

Love vs Pain. And the winner is... LOVE!

I just finished listening to the most fascinating interview on NPR.  It was with this psychiatrist Nancy Rappaport who had lost her mother to suicide when she was only four.  She has written a book called In her wake.  What a brave woman!  She tells of getting therapy as a teenager and when funds were cut off she did artwork and babysitting jobs to continue her payments.  One thing that was said was that love is stronger than pain.  Coming to the realization that her mother did love her was obviously huge for her.   Love is stronger than pain.  

I lost my mother to cancer in 1989.  I knew she loved us.  But I still have pain when I think about this loss.  This quote today has touched me though.  Love is a strong thing.  It does outweigh the pain.  All over the world there is suffering.  There is pain.  Things happen that are not fair.  But when I look at the face of a sleeping child I feel a swelling of love in my heart for the clear and obvious fact that God has been so good to me.  Sometimes the children who are awake can be less apt to induce a love-swell.  But God is still good.  

Excuse me but I was just interrupted by my two year old who needed instructions on how to eat an open faced peanut butter and honey.  I told her to hold it just like a piece of pizza and she thought that was the funniest comparison I could have come up with.  All this blogging has given me some great aptitude for the art of metaphor use.  She, on the other hand just compared her open half peeled half banana to a yellow flower.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Like mother like daughter.  And.... I am at a loss for more so I will stop there.

But for those who suffer I empathize.  Since God has also blessed me with suffering in my life.  Suffering always makes us one of two things.  Bitter or better.  Here's hoping that you will choose the better path.  And here's hoping the same for me.  Love is stronger than pain.

I dedicate this post to Dawn of Bee and Rose. She could use your prayers!


Kristina P. said...

I too am thinking of Dawn. She is amazing!

Bob and Julie said...

You are amazing! I love how you naturally care and love others who are in need. The choice is hard sometimes to make...even though it's so right for us to love. Thank you for sharing your feelings and insights. I also got a giggle out of the cute metaphors you both came up with :)

Bee and Rose said...

Kelly, this post is exactly what I needed:) I was deeply touched by your beautiful writing, and I always enjoy the way you blend in the humor too.

You are so right about love always being the winner. There was a day when I was so overwhelmed by all of the bad news about my husband, seeing all of the illness around me at the hospital, etc. Then Cat walked in with a handmade card for her dad. She had drawn a house with hearts for windows and lots of flowers outside. She said she wanted her dad to remember that love lived at our house and he would feel better once he got home. In that moment, I knew God was reaching out to me too and letting me know that love would be there for me as well.

I am so deeply grateful for your very kind words and prayers for my family. They really do make all the difference. I am so very blessed that I have met you on this journey, my friend. Thank you for the dedication. I am printing it as a keepsake (and a gentle reminder when I start to get down.) You are such an amazing woman, Kelly!