September 30, 2009

Dental Ramble

Some of you may know that I am a dental hygienist. Some of you may not, but now you do. So my Little Boy needs some serious intervention with his skeletal class 3 with a double sided crossbite. In layman's terms he has a messed up mouth. I have been to 4 different orthodontists and received 4 differing opinions about how to handle his difficult case. I am taking all kinds of things into account here. Driving distance being a big part of the deal. Just my luck that the cheapest guy who is a 5 minute drive away is also the least aggressive and probably a bit too out there for my taste. I need someone who will loose sleep over my son's awkward bite. Help!


Eileen said...

I'm telling you, with Adam's messed-up mouth, the money we're saving in ortho bills will more than compensate us for dental school. Adam's got numerous dental issues and I'm sure you and Lyle could have a long and exciting conversation. The thing I find most troublesome is the missing teeth. FIve of them, actually 9 if we're counting wisdom teeth (which I suppose is a blessing), but the lack of lateral incisors seems the most glaring. And can you believe Adam fights us on the ortho? He complains, "Shouldn't it be my decision if I have braces or not?" "Ummm, no. Someday you'll be thankful to have teeth." And can you imagine the great advertising for his dad's dental practice we'd have with our toothless hobo mouth son? Ugghhhh. Weren't we going to do a teenager swap? As of yesterday, now I have two! But it's the 15 year-old you can borrow.

CSIowa said...

I have no help, Kelly, only empathy. I hate orthodontist shopping! Most people don't really do it, but when your dad's an orthodontist in another state, it suddenly becomes clear that you know both too much and too little. Anyway, good luck!