September 26, 2009

Blogger's Hierarchy

Hierarchy among bloggers out there may be totally in my head. But have you ever been reading along lurking on unknown blogs, and say you find what they write amusing so you think you should comment but... then... you don't? I do that sometimes too, and I will attempt to tell you why. Usually I look at how many people they have following them and if it's a huge number then I think well, they just don't need me and my 2 cents. They're like the equivalent of the jocks and cheerleaders sitting on the hallway heaters watching and evaluating everyone as they walk by. Taking mental acceptance or denial notes. Perhaps I judge to harshly since I, myself once tried out for cheer leading and missed out on that particular opportunity to be a snotty pants. Oh I still remained friendly to them (had to keep my social status as high as possible you know) but some (most) of them were basically snotty pants(s).... Not you MaryAnn!

OK, I will just get up off of my therapy couch now and get to the point. If someone I don't know leaves me a comment I am all flattered and instantly go check out that blog and leave a thank-you note back. Is that like a desperate puppy or a friendly neighbor? I can't be certain. But I do know that you can tell a lot about people by how the reciprocate on the blogosphere. Some people who have a huge following will still come on over and say hello. Some will not. It is my opinion that those in the later category are being a bit full of themselves. Or maybe they are just busy and can't get around to all their fans. Then there are some who will comment one time and I think, oh a new friend! But then they never come back. Was it something I said? Does my blog smell? Why do I give a crap? I don't know. It's just a silly blog right? I have found over time though, that I generally like people who like me, and don't care for those who don't. Cocky? Probably.

Let's just say that I try to be nice and reciprocate to most everyone who stops by. Even if it's just once. Maybe it was my snotty upper Oak Hills upbringing that has me leery of the Sneeches with stars upon thars out there. Maybe this is why I tear up when Jud Fry from Oklahoma sings about everyone being better than him. Poor guy, if he had a blog he'd say all kinds of awkward things and make people run for the hills. Just betting some of them are for Oak Hills.


Kristina P. said...

Well, I guess I would consider myself one of the bloggers you talk about, and I will comment at least once on everyone who leaves a comment on mine.

If they come back and comment, I will then continue the blogging relationship. But I do have a lot of blogs I read and like you, I will spend my time on reciciprocal relationships.

I don't comment as often on people's blogs as I used to, just because of the sheer number of blogs I have to read.

Oh, and I appreciated and read every comment, whether it's #1, or #201, just so you know! :)

Kelly said...

Actually Kristina,
You are one of the most giving bloggers out there! I really have come to admire you and your blogging efforts when I know you must have hundreds of blogs that you follow.

I am honored with each comment you leave for me!

The Boob Nazi said...

If someone comments on mine, I go over and say hi. I think it's polite, not desperate.

CSIowa said...

Blogging does remind me of high school a little too much. I just don't view it as a social network in the same way that many people do. I think of it more like reading a magazine. If I have something to say, I'm glad to have the comment option, but if I don't, I'm not yet convinced that I'm obligated. When I write, I want to hear what people think about what I said, in more than one sentence. At the same time, I write for myself most of all, so I'm okay with minimal comments. (But not zero comments. We all need a little acknowledgment.)

There is a blog I read that I consider generally mediocre to good, sometimes very good, and occasionally nauseating. I think the writer is a lovely person and has a way to go with her writing (as do I). Why use four metaphors when one will do nicely? But no one ever tells the writer that a given post is nauseating. Okay, "nauseating" wouldn't be the best word to use. But she needs to know that she needs more editing! I'm not sure that the general adulation expressed in the comments for her uneven writing is helping her become a better writer, which is her express purpose for writing her blog. And at what point does hearing the same things from the same people become meaningless? Maybe some of it is just not to my taste. Am I allowed to say that?

Sometimes I think I should be a more serious blogger, spend more time and effort on posting more consistently, engage in the "community" more earnestly. Then I think, "Nah. I have a life."

I'd rather not get sucked in deeper.

Kelly said...

Probably wise CSI. It takes up too much of my time and I am planning on scaling back a bit.

I think I know to whom you refer and I would have to concur. I don't really think it's a good idea to put negative comments back to her though. She'd likely not take it too well. Someday an editor will let her know. I can't get through her stuff anymore. No time!

Bob and Julie said...

I've been dubbed a snot, but I'm still waiting for my large following. What's up with that??? I guess I am blissfully unaware of the rules of blogging courtesy.

Honestly though, I don't follow too many blogs. Will look some times, but just focus on friends....then there's the other part of how I feel kind of dumb leaving comments. And, sometimes I just don't have time. Although, I do measure my self esteem by the number of comments I there therapy for this?

CSIowa said...

No fear. I'll content myself with getting it off my chest here. I don't think she would actually be interested in hearing what I have to say, however politely it might be phrased, or I might have already said it.

noyb said...

i think you are a nice neighbor! i look forward to your comments. dont let the snooty blogs intimidate you!

Shana said...

I agree with what you wrote. I don't get a lot of comments compared to a lot of people... but I like it better if peopld come back and second and third.... time.

literaqueen said...

So, ummm, how come you haven't commented on my blog for a while? Does it smell?